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Forge a closer bond between yourself and artificial intelligence by integrating an array of powerful models, diverse devices, and your personal data for a truly customized experience.

Integrate multiple AI models

GPT-4, Claude 2, Llama-2-70b, GPT-3.5, Claude Instant, etc.

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Chat with your files

Ask questions with your documents, you can select multiple documents at one time.

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Unlimited usage

You only need to pay once to get unlimited access to multiple advanced models like GPT-4 Claude 2

Versatile Roles

There is no need to open a new conversation, you can choose the most appropriate character to generate a reply at any time during the conversation.


Conversation across devices

You can have the same conversation on different devices, and all chat history will be fully synchronized


10x Faster

AI-first, cross-platform web page summarization and collection


Easily collect from anywhere

Collect from App Share link to Aili
Collect from Extension Save any web page with one click

Unlimited web collections

Free users can also add unlimited web pages to favorites

Unlimited web collection

Chat with the web page

you can continue to have a conversation with the content on the current page

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Tailored summaries

We create summaries tailored to the match types of various web page contents

Little Snow-White

Dua Lipa: People don't want pop stars to be smart

Story Plot

Article Summary

A queen wishes for a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood. She gives birth to a daughter named Snow-White but dies soon after. The king remarries a proud and arrogant woman who becomes jealous of ...

Dua Lipa, one of the world's biggest pop stars, has expressed frustration with the public's perception of her and their reluctance to accept her intelligence and political views. She has launched a book club, a lifestyle newsletter, and an international music festival in addition to her successful music career. ...

Story Characters

Key insights

Queen - The mother of Snow White who dies shortly after giving birth to her. She becomes jealous of Snow White's beauty later on. King - Marries another woman after his first wife's death. He plays a minor role in the story. Snow White - The main character of the story. She is kind-hearted and beautiful, which causes jealousy in others. Huntsman - Ordered by the queen to kill Snow White but takes pity on her and lets her escape into the forest. Seven Dwarfs - Miners who find Snow White sleeping in their house and take care of her. They become like family to her. Wicked Queen - The stepmother of Snow White who becomes obsessed with being the fairest in the land. She tries multiple times to kill Snow White but ultimately meets her own demise through punishment.

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Unleash your productivity with unlimited access to multiple advanced AI models across multiple platforms for a single fee


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Standard models

GPT-3.5 Claude Instant etc.

20 messages/day

Webpage Collection

20 messages/day

Document summarize & chat

70 total


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Standard models

GPT-3.5 Claude Instant etc.


Advance models

GPT-4 Claude 2 etc.


Webpage Collection


Document summarize & chat


Asked Questions

Aili is a convenient, powerful, and cost-effective AI assistant. With just one account, you can use it across multiple platforms, and a single payment grants you unlimited access to advanced models like GPT-4 and Claude 2.
Aili supports cross-platform usage, allowing you to choose from iOS, Android, web clients, and browser extensions according to your preferences. It supports login via Apple and Google accounts. Please note that there may be variations in Aili's features across different platforms.
Certainly, you can enjoy Aili for free. For our free users, we offer unlimited webpage bookmarks, 70 AI summaries, and up to 20 daily messages with basic model conversations.
At present, website-based subscriptions are not available. To subscribe to Ultimate, please use the iOS or Android app. You can manage your subscription, cancel, or request a refund through the subscription management options in either the Apple Store or Google Play based on your subscription platform.

Aili's Ultimate Plan is still in the testing phase, and may change in the future based on the rules of other companies like OpenAI. Just a reminder, Aili account are meant for individual use. Please avoid non-human/robot access or sharing your account, as it could lead to suspension. Thanks for being with us on this journey!

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