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How to win the Hermès game

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The article discusses the exclusivity and desirability of Hermès Birkin bags, which are some of the most coveted luxury items in the world. It explores the strategies and challenges that customers face in trying to acquire these rare and expensive handbags from the brand.

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[01] The Exclusivity of Hermès Birkin Bags

1. What makes Hermès Birkin bags so exclusive and desirable?

  • Hermès Birkin bags are handcrafted by a single artisan, taking 20-40 hours to complete, and the company has refused to scale production to maintain their exclusivity.
  • Hermès cultivates actual scarcity, unlike other luxury brands that create artificial scarcity through limited editions or collaborations.
  • The brand does not sell Birkin bags online or allow customers to simply walk into a boutique and purchase one, adding to their exclusivity.

2. How do customers try to acquire a Hermès Birkin bag?

  • Customers must build a relationship with a sales associate, demonstrate their loyalty through frequent purchases, and wait for the associate to offer them a Birkin bag.
  • Some customers visit the Paris boutiques, which offer "leather goods" appointments where customers can advocate for the opportunity to purchase a Birkin.
  • Customers may also resort to the secondary market, where Birkin bags can sell for double or triple the retail price.

3. What are some of the challenges and controversies surrounding the acquisition of Hermès Birkin bags?

  • There is no clear or guaranteed path to acquiring a Birkin bag, and some customers never receive an offer, leading to frustration.
  • Hermès has been accused of engaging in "tying" practices, requiring customers to make other purchases before being offered a Birkin.
  • Some customers have publicly expressed anger and frustration at the brand's exclusivity practices, leading to a lawsuit alleging antitrust violations.

[02] The Allure and Desirability of Hermès Birkin Bags

1. What factors contribute to the allure and desirability of Hermès Birkin bags?

  • The Birkin bag has become an iconic status symbol, with celebrities and wealthy individuals building extensive collections.
  • The brand's heritage, craftsmanship, and perceived exclusivity create a sense of aspiration and desire among customers.
  • The "Hermès journey" of building a relationship with a sales associate and waiting for the opportunity to purchase a Birkin adds to the excitement and sense of achievement.

2. How do customers view the acquisition of a Hermès Birkin bag?

  • For some customers, receiving the call to purchase a Birkin bag is described as an "out-of-body experience" and a culmination of their efforts and dedication to the brand.
  • The process of acquiring a Birkin bag is seen as a game, with customers strategizing and maneuvering to increase their chances of receiving an offer.
  • The exclusivity and scarcity of Birkin bags create a sense of loyalty and community among Hermès customers, who share tips and experiences online.
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