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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman promises "with a high degree of scientific certainty" that GPT-5 will be smarter than the "mildly embarrassing at best" GPT-4

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The article discusses OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's comments about the upcoming GPT-5 model, which he claims will be significantly more capable than the current GPT-4 model.

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[01] OpenAI CEO's Remarks on GPT-5

1. What did Sam Altman say about the performance of GPT-4 and the upcoming GPT-5 model?

  • Altman stated that GPT-4 is the "dumbest model" users will ever have to use, and that it "kind of sucks."
  • He promised that the long-anticipated GPT-5 model will be "really good, like materially better" in performance and accuracy compared to GPT-4.
  • Altman expressed a "high degree of scientific certainty" that GPT-5 will be smarter than GPT-4, and that GPT-6 will be even better than GPT-5.

2. How did Altman address the cost of running ChatGPT and subsequent AI models?

  • Altman indicated that the cost of running ChatGPT, which is reported to be up to $700,000 per day, is not a major concern for him.
  • He believes that providing users with capable AI tools that can help them achieve incredible feats is more important than the cost implications.
  • Altman stated that there is probably someone at OpenAI more focused on the business aspects and costs, but that he is more interested in the potential of the technology.

3. What was Altman's perspective on the value of OpenAI's AI models?

  • Altman believes that giving people "really capable tools" and letting them figure out how to use the technology to build the future is a "super good thing to do" and is "super valuable."
  • He expressed a willingness to "bet on the ingenuity of you all and everybody else in the world to figure out what to do" with the AI technology.
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