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Why does British Airways spend on ads that aren’t designed to sell flights?

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The article discusses British Airways' advertising strategy, which focuses on emotional brand advertising rather than direct commercial ads. The goal is to position British Airways as the default choice for a great travel experience, even if it is more expensive than low-cost competitors. The article also compares this strategy to that of other companies like Target and Zara, who have shifted to an emotional proposition rather than competing solely on price.

🙋 Q&A

[01] British Airways' Advertising Strategy

1. What is the key focus of British Airways' advertising strategy?

  • British Airways' advertising strategy is focused on emotional brand advertising rather than direct commercial ads with a call-to-action or pitch for flying with the airline.
  • The goal is to get consumers excited about traveling and associate that excitement with the British Airways brand, making it the default choice for a great travel experience.

2. Why doesn't British Airways advertise its features and amenities?

  • If British Airways focused on advertising its amenities like better seats, food, and service, it would risk inviting price comparisons with low-cost competitors.
  • BA wants to avoid the conversation around whether the slightly better experience is worth the significantly higher price.

3. How does BA's advertising strategy put the brand in the "driver's seat"?

  • By focusing on emotional brand advertising, BA sets the bar for customer experience and expectations, rather than reacting to price competition.
  • This shifts the dynamic from "Is it worth paying more for BA?" to "I love BA, do I want the hassle of going with a cheaper option?"

[02] Comparison to Other Brands

1. How does BA's strategy compare to Target's approach?

  • Like Target, BA is shifting away from competing on price to focus on an emotional proposition and better customer experience.
  • Target survived by offering better design, stores, and collaborations, rather than competing directly with Walmart on price.

2. What is the strategy of fast fashion brands like Zara?

  • As low-cost fast fashion brands like Shein and Temu offer rock-bottom prices, Zara appears to be following a similar upmarket strategy to BA.
  • Zara has recorded a record share price, in part by raising its clothing prices, rather than competing solely on the lowest price.
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