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Sixty Skills offers a range of courses in magic and mysticism, including the Complete Evocation Masterclass and the Meta Magick Scrying course. Students can also explore free courses to develop new skills.

Sixty Skills – Master Course (18 Months)

This course is designed for beginners and covers a range of magical skills over 18 months.

The Complete Evocation Masterclass

This advanced course offers a comprehensive masterclass in evocation, allowing students to learn these skills earlier than expected.

Magic & Mystical Introspection -Ongoing Course

A multi-year course that goes beyond Franz Bardons IIH, helping students develop their mystical abilities.

Mystical Quabbalah by Ray Del Sole

An in-depth study for advanced students interested in mastering mystical training.

Attaining your Holy Guardian Angel

This course guides students through meeting, communicating, and achieving "Knowledge and Conversation" with their Holy Guardian Angel.

Meta Magick Scrying

Students will learn to build a basic set of Metamagick fields and use them for scrying in this course.

Article Perspectives

  • Sixty Skills offers a comprehensive curriculum for beginners and advanced students in the field of magic and mysticism.
  • The courses are designed to provide students with practical skills and knowledge in various magical practices.
  • The Meta Magick Scrying course allows students to create their own magickal tools and integrate them into their practice.
  • Testimonials from students highlight the value of the courses and the expertise of the teachers at Sixty Skills.
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