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Don’t be fooled by Figma’s new AI features

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses the importance of designers maintaining a focus on user-centered design and detailed craftsmanship, even as AI tools like Figma's "Make Designs" feature become more prevalent. It cautions against over-relying on AI-generated designs and losing sight of the critical thinking and problem-solving required to create truly effective products.

🙋 Q&A

[01] The Importance of Staying True to Design Principles

1. What are the key points the author makes about using AI tools effectively as a designer?

  • The author believes AI can be helpful in making designers' lives easier and aiding in faster decision-making, but it should not replace the critical thinking and detailed craftsmanship required for effective design.
  • The author cautions against designers losing sight of their core responsibilities and the need to deeply understand the problem, product, and solution in order to create products that truly address user needs.
  • The author emphasizes the importance of not relying too heavily on AI-generated designs, as this can lead to overlooking important details and creating different problems for users.

2. How does the author suggest designers leverage AI tools like Figma's "Make Designs" feature?

  • The author suggests using AI-generated designs as a way to quickly visualize ideas and gain buy-in from stakeholders, rather than as a final product.
  • The author cautions that designers must not stop at the "shiny" AI-generated designs and must still dive into the details to ensure a good user experience.
  • The author emphasizes that AI should be seen as a part of the design process, not the endpoint, and designers must still focus on user-centered design and solving user problems.

[02] The Importance of Detailed, User-Centered Design

1. What examples does the author provide to illustrate the need for detailed, user-centered design?

  • The author uses the example of the pizza shop design demonstrated at Figma's Config 2024 event, noting that while the AI-generated design looked impressive, it was just a concept and lacked the detailed consideration of user needs and edge cases required for a fully-fledged product.
  • The author provides a list of questions that designers should consider, such as how users will get to the location, how they can view reviews, how the app will handle connectivity issues, and more, to illustrate the importance of thinking through all the steps and details required for a good user experience.

2. How does the author emphasize the role of detailed, user-centered design in creating effective products?

  • The author states that while AI tools are becoming more advanced, designers must remember to use them for the right tasks and not lose sight of the critical role of detailed, thoughtful design in solving user problems.
  • The author argues that by staying true to the principles of detailed, user-centered design, designers can ensure their products not only look good but also deliver exceptional experiences that truly solve user problems.
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