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Even Most Biden Voters Don’t See a Thriving Economy

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The article discusses how even a majority of Biden voters in swing states view the current economy as "fair" or "poor", which is typically a bad sign for an incumbent president seeking re-election.

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[01] Even Most Biden Voters Don't See a Thriving Economy

1. What is the key finding about Biden voters' perception of the economy?

  • A majority of Biden voters in 2020 say the current economy is only "fair" or "poor", which is usually a bad sign for an incumbent president seeking re-election.
  • This is despite solid economic data, suggesting that Biden voters' views on the economy are not fully aligned with the overall economic indicators.

2. What factors may explain Biden voters' negative perception of the economy?

  • Biden's 2020 supporters tended to be younger, have lower incomes, and be more racially diverse than Trump's supporters.
  • These demographic groups tend to be hit hardest by inflation, which has not returned to 2020 levels, and high interest rates, which have frustrated first-time home buyers and drained the finances of those dependent on credit.

3. How does this compare to previous presidents seeking re-election?

  • The public's perception of the economy has often been a pivotal issue for presidents seeking a second term.
  • It was a boon to Ronald Reagan, but helped usher Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush out of the White House.
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