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Stories Are Boring, Read My Fables Instead

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

This document is a collection of short stories and fables that explore themes of love, relationships, and forgiveness. It includes a story about two people, Charlie and Josephine, who struggle to connect and understand each other, as well as a fable-style piece about the power of forgiveness.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Stories Are Boring, Read My Fables Instead

1. What is the narrator's perspective on stories?

  • The narrator finds stories to be boring, with too many characters, plots, and events.
  • The narrator promises to never write a good story for the reader, and instead offers fables.

2. What is the fable about? The fable is about two people, Charlie and Josephine, who desperately love each other but struggle to get their "act together."

[02] A Fable About Two People Who Desperately Love Each Other But Can't Get Their Freaking Act Together Oh My God What Is Wrong With You Two

1. What is the relationship between Charlie and Josephine?

  • Charlie and Josephine have a complicated relationship, where they approach each other, retreat, and misunderstand one another.
  • Josephine is taking poetry and pig-related classes, while Charlie is a baseball coach.
  • They both end up dating other people (Alice and Bailey) but realize they still have feelings for each other.

2. What is the significance of the "back then" reference? Josephine mentions a "memory of a thief" who stole something tender from her, which she would have gladly given to Charlie if she had known him "back then."

3. How do Charlie and Josephine's interactions unfold? Their interactions are described as a cycle of approaching, retreating, becoming afraid, and almost crying or laughing, without being able to fully connect.

[03] A Fable About Forgiveness Written In The Style Of Lord Birthday

1. What is the tone and style of this fable? The fable is written in a more poetic, introspective style, with the narrator reflecting on the concept of forgiveness.

2. What is the narrator's perspective on forgiveness? The narrator seems to be seeking forgiveness, and expresses a desire to be "proven right" and have their life "recorded, transcribed, translated, written down." There is a sense of longing and a need for validation.


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