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How to Write a Good Sex Scene

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses how author Yulin Kuang writes steamy sex scenes in her debut novel "How to End a Love Story". It provides insights into Kuang's writing process, her approach to crafting intimate moments, and the feedback she has received from readers.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Writing Steamy Sex Scenes

1. What were some of the challenges Yulin Kuang faced in writing sex scenes for the first time?

  • Kuang was hesitant to write sex scenes because she was aware that her younger sister and parents would be reading her work, and she wanted to avoid anything inappropriate.
  • When she wrote this book, she decided to write something entirely for herself and explore her own creativity without those constraints.

2. How did Kuang approach writing the sex scenes in terms of word choice and perspective?

  • Kuang preferred using words like "cock" over "dick" or "penis" as she felt the former had a stronger, more evocative sound.
  • She tried to root the scenes in the characters' perspectives and what would be most arousing to them in the moment.
  • Kuang aimed to create a "pulse-pounding, dry-mouth, flushed feeling" for the reader.

3. What feedback has Kuang received from readers about the sex scenes in her book?

  • Readers who enjoy open-door romances have responded very positively, with the "table scene" being a fan favorite.
  • Readers who prefer closed-door romances have been disappointed by the level of spice in the book, which Kuang jokingly refers to as her "Sichuan Peppercorn of Romance" brand.

[02] Writing Process and Techniques

1. How did Kuang approach writing the specific sex scene described in the article?

  • Kuang wanted to slow down the scene and unpack the emotional beats for the characters, as she felt the first time having sex with a new partner is full of discovery and awareness.
  • She aimed to have the dialogue shift the dynamic between the characters and incorporate a "switchy" feel to the scene.
  • Kuang followed the advice to write from the perspective of the character with the most to lose, which in this case was Grant.

2. What considerations did Kuang have around language and word choice in the sex scene?

  • Kuang avoided overly clinical terms like "vagina" and instead used more evocative language to capture the primal, sensual nature of the encounter.
  • She intentionally included brown nipple representation, as many romance novels feature only pink nipples.
  • Kuang played with the contrast between masculine hardness and feminine softness in her word choices.

3. How did Kuang approach the inclusion of contraception discussions in the sex scene?

  • Kuang felt these types of conversations about contraception are now fairly standard in romance novels, as they reflect real-life discussions people have.
  • She incorporated the discussion of Helen's IUD and Grant's recent STI testing in a natural way that advanced the scene.
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