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The article discusses the cooperation between the Japanese and U.S. governments to address the issue of misinformation generated by AI (artificial intelligence). The two governments plan to include "cooperation in mitigating the risks of AI-generated content" in a joint statement after their summit meeting. This will involve the use of technologies such as content authentication to verify the origin of government-issued content and identify any AI-altered content.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Cooperation on AI-generated misinformation

1. What are the key points of cooperation between Japan and the U.S. on AI-generated misinformation?

  • The two governments will cooperate to mitigate the risks of AI-generated content, including:
    • Ensuring maximum transparency for the public regarding AI-generated content
    • Authenticating government-issued content and identifying any AI-altered content

2. What specific technology is Japan aiming to collaborate on with the U.S.?

  • Japan is focusing on the "Originator Profile (OP)" digital technology, which allows third-party agencies to electronically attach verified source information to online articles and ads, enabling users to verify their credibility.

3. How does this cooperation fit into Japan's broader efforts on AI governance?

  • As the G7 chair last year, Japan led discussions on AI governance and developed comprehensive international rules. The current cooperation on misinformation is part of these efforts to promote the development of technologies that can identify the source of information.

[02] Collaboration on AI safety standards

1. What other areas of cooperation are Japan and the U.S. pursuing regarding AI?

  • The two governments will also accelerate cooperation on developing standards to evaluate the safety of AI systems. This will involve collaboration between Japan's new "AI Safety Institute" and relevant U.S. government agencies.
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