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Florida sheriff deputies burst into wrong apartment and fatally shot U.S. airman, attorney says

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the fatal shooting of a Black U.S. Air Force airman, Roger Fortson, by Florida sheriff deputies who burst into the wrong apartment while responding to a disturbance call.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Incident Details

1. What happened to Roger Fortson?

  • Florida sheriff deputies responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex and burst into the wrong unit
  • They encountered Roger Fortson, a 23-year-old U.S. Air Force airman, who was alone in his apartment and armed with a legally owned gun
  • The deputies shot Fortson six times, and he died at the hospital

2. What was Fortson doing at the time of the incident?

  • Fortson was on a Facetime call with a woman when he heard a knock at the door
  • He asked who was there but didn't get a response, and a few minutes later, there was an aggressive knock on the door
  • Fortson went to retrieve his legally owned gun and was walking back through his living room when the deputies burst through the door and shot him

3. What was the response from the authorities?

  • The deputy involved in the shooting was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation
  • The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the local State Attorney's Office will investigate the shooting
  • The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office expressed sadness over the incident and said they have asked the FDLE to conduct the investigation

[02] Reactions and Calls for Transparency

1. What is the family's attorney, Ben Crump, saying about the incident?

  • Crump stated that the circumstances surrounding Fortson's death raise serious questions that demand immediate answers from the authorities
  • He is calling for transparency in the investigation and the immediate release of body cam video to the family
  • Crump believes the deputies must have had the wrong apartment, as the witness said Fortson was not causing a disturbance during the Facetime call

2. What are the family and Crump planning to do?

  • Crump and Fortson's family plan to speak at a news conference in Fort Walton Beach on Thursday morning
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