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The Soul of Pinterest

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article reflects on the journey of Pinterest since its creation in 2009, highlighting the company's focus on inspiration as its core purpose. It discusses the importance of inspiration in business leadership and Pinterest's role in inspiring the world.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Pinterest's Focus on Inspiration

1. What is Pinterest's "secret sauce" according to the article?

  • Inspiration is Pinterest's secret sauce. Everything it does is to inspire and deliver a feeling, which is why Pinners sign up, come back, and love the brand.

2. How does inspiration differ from social media?

  • Inspiration replenishes what social media depletes. Pinterest connects users with themselves, especially the fresh new parts of themselves, rather than just with others.

3. How does inspiration relate to personal growth and self-discovery?

  • Inspiration energizes users forward, filling their need to become more resonantly themselves. It acts as both a compass and battery for their life's becoming.
  • Pinning is described as an intimate dialogue with a future version of oneself, as the images mirror back one's soul and intuition.

[02] Inspirational Leadership

1. What are the key attributes of inspirational leadership according to the article?

  • Inspirational leadership needs to be anchored in purpose, while also demonstrating intellectual and operational excellence.
  • Inspirational leaders create evangelists by truly caring about their users and making them the company's best storytellers.
  • Inspirational leaders prioritize meaning, making it clear why the work matters in addition to what needs to be done.

[03] Pinterest's Role and Future

1. How is Pinterest modeling inspiration in business?

  • Pinterest performs business rituals like all-hands meetings and investor calls in a way that also inspires, taking its own medicine of inspiration.

2. What is Pinterest's opportunity and responsibility going forward?

  • Pinterest has the extraordinary opportunity to lead billions of people to create a life they love, model inspired leadership, and equip the world to envision a more positive future.

3. What is the author's message to the Pinterest team?

  • The author expresses gratitude to the Pinterest team for listening to Pinners, building an inspiring product, teaching the world about inspiration, and doing the ongoing work of making the basics great. The author encourages the team to make Pinterest the most inspiring company on Earth.
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