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Rabbit R1, a thing that should just be an app, actually is just an Android app (Updated)

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the Rabbit R1, an AI-powered handheld gadget that runs Android under the hood. It highlights the criticism surrounding the utility of such AI gadgets, noting that they do little to replace the smartphone and should just be an app instead. The article also reveals that the Rabbit R1's entire user interface is powered by a single Android app.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Rabbit R1 as an Android App

1. What are the key criticisms of the Rabbit R1 and similar AI gadgets?

  • Many reviewers have criticized the utility of AI gadgets like the Rabbit R1, noting that they do little to supplant the smartphone and should just be an app instead.
  • The Rabbit R1 lets users do things like talk to a large language model (LLM), take photos to get information, play music, hail rides, and order food, but these are all functionalities that can be replicated by an Android app.

2. How is the Rabbit R1 interface actually implemented?

  • The entire user interface of the Rabbit R1 is powered by a single Android app.
  • A tipster shared the Rabbit R1's launcher APK, which was installed on an Android phone (Pixel 6a) and allowed the phone to be set up as a Rabbit R1.
  • The home screen interface only took up a small portion of the phone's display, but the key functionality, such as talking to the AI assistant, was still accessible.

3. What are the implications of the Rabbit R1 running on a modified version of AOSP?

  • The fact that the Rabbit R1's launcher app works on a regular Android phone is a testament to the fact that many of these niche hardware products run on a modified version of AOSP (Android Open Source Project).
  • This suggests that the Rabbit R1 is essentially an Android app at its core, rather than a standalone hardware product.

[02] Rabbit's Response

1. What is Rabbit's response to the claim that the Rabbit R1 is just an Android app?

  • Rabbit has issued a statement from its founder and CEO, Jesse Lyu, arguing that the Rabbit R1's interface is not an Android app.
  • Rabbit claims that the Rabbit OS and the large language model (LLM) used by the R1 run on the cloud, with "very bespoke AOSP and lower-level firmware modifications."
  • Rabbit states that a local bootleg APK without the proper OS and cloud endpoints won't be able to access their service, and they do not support third-party clients.

2. What are the risks associated with using bootlegged Rabbit OS apps?

  • Rabbit warns that using bootlegged Rabbit OS apps or web clients carries significant risks, as malicious actors are known to publish bootlegged apps that steal user data.
  • Rabbit recommends that users avoid these bootlegged Rabbit OS apps for this reason.
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