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AI spam is winning the battle against search engine quality

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the growing problem of AI-generated spam content dominating Google's search results, and the challenges Google faces in addressing this issue.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] AI Spam Proliferation

1. What is the current state of AI-generated spam content in Google's search results?

  • According to the article, about 10% of Google's search results now point to AI-generated content, even after Google's efforts to take down websites pushing such content.
  • The founder of, an AI content detection platform, states that "all spam is AI content" currently, though not all AI content is spam.
  • Google's attempts to manually remove these spammy websites have not been fully effective in curbing the proliferation of AI-generated content in their search results.

2. What are the concerns around the increasing use of AI-generated content?

  • There is a risk of a "model collapse" situation, where AIs ingest and regurgitate other low-quality, synthetic AI-generated data, further corrupting the dataset.
  • While's AI content recognition technology can help reduce this corruption, the founder states that it is not a complete solution to the problem.

[02] Google's Struggle to Address AI Spam

1. How is Google struggling to address the issue of AI-generated spam in their search results?

  • Google has tried to take manual actions to remove websites pushing AI-generated "trash" content, but the article states that they are "still sort of struggling with their algorithm being overrun by AI content."
  • The founder of suggests that Google's attempts to win the battle against AI spam have not been fully successful so far.
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