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Cybertruck Deliveries Halted Due To Car Being A Big Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Work | Defector

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the issues surrounding the delivery of Tesla's Cybertruck, including problems with the accelerator pedal, sudden braking, and overall quality concerns. It also covers Tesla's recent layoffs and the overall perception of the Cybertruck as a flawed and poorly-executed product.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Cybertruck Deliveries Halted

1. What are the main issues with the Cybertruck that have led to delivery delays?

  • The accelerator pedal cover slides off and gets stuck under a panel, locking the accelerator at maximum velocity
  • The Cybertruck struggles with the basics of stopping and going
  • Other Tesla models have had issues with unexpected acceleration and sudden braking

2. How have Tesla customers been impacted by the delivery delays?

  • Customers who ordered Cybertrucks months or years ago did not receive their vehicles as scheduled
  • They were simply told there was an "unexpected delay" without a clear explanation

3. What are the restrictions on selling a Cybertruck?

  • Customers who have received a Cybertruck had to sign an agreement barring them from selling it within 12 months
  • If they do sell it, they would have to pay a $50,000 fine and give Tesla the option to buy it back

[02] Tesla's Broader Challenges

1. What other recent setbacks has Tesla faced?

  • The company announced it would be laying off more than 10% of its workforce, cutting around 14,000 jobs
  • This came after Tesla reported its first quarterly sales decline (8.5%) since the pandemic

2. How have key Tesla executives responded to the company's challenges?

  • Drew Baglino, an executive who had been with Tesla since 2006, announced he would be leaving the company
  • Rohan Patel, a former Obama administration official hired to help Tesla with regulation, also announced his departure

3. How is the Cybertruck perceived by the author?

  • The author describes the Cybertruck as "fake- and shitty-looking" and a "rickety car" that appears to be a "6-year-old's idea of the coolest guy in the world"
  • The author feels personal embarrassment at living in a place where the "coolest thing you can do is cosplay as" the Cybertruck
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