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Turns out the Rabbit R1 was just an Android app all along

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the Rabbit R1 AI gadget, which has sparked a lot of questions since its launch. It focuses on the debate around whether the R1 is just an Android app rather than a standalone device.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] The Rabbit R1 AI Gadget

1. Why isn't the Rabbit R1 just an app?

  • The article suggests that the Rabbit R1 is essentially just an Android app, as it was able to be downloaded and run on a Google Pixel 6A phone with some tweaking.
  • However, the Rabbit CEO Jesse Lyu disagrees with this characterization, stating that the Rabbit R1 runs on a customized Rabbit OS and cloud infrastructure, and that a "local bootleg APK" without the proper OS and cloud endpoints won't be able to access their full service.

2. How does the Rabbit R1 compare to a regular Android app?

  • The article notes that while the Rabbit R1 app can run on a midrange Android phone, it likely doesn't offer all the same functionality as the dedicated R1 hardware device, as the app is intended to be pre-installed with system-level permissions that couldn't be fully replicated.
  • The Rabbit CEO claims the Rabbit OS is customized for the R1 and they do not support third-party clients, suggesting the R1 is more than just a regular Android app.

3. How has the Rabbit R1 been received so far?

  • The article mentions that the initial reviews of the Rabbit R1 have not been great, with the device being criticized for not doing enough useful things to justify its existence compared to a regular smartphone.
  • Rabbit has issued a software update to address some complaints, including a fast-draining battery issue, which seems to have improved the device's performance.

[02] Comparison to Other AI Devices

1. How does the Rabbit R1 compare to other AI-powered devices like the Humane AI pin?

  • The article notes that the Humane AI pin also appears to run on a version of Android's open-source software, similar to the Rabbit R1.
  • This suggests that these types of AI-focused hardware devices may have more in common with Android apps than standalone devices.


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