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GPT-4o — My Honest Review

🌈 Abstract

The article provides an honest review of OpenAI's newest and most powerful language model, GPT-4o. It discusses the key features and capabilities of GPT-4o, as well as the author's insights and predictions about the implications of this new model.

🙋 Q&A

[01] What can GPT-4o do?

  • It is much faster than all other models
  • The API is half the price of GPT-4 turbo
  • It understands and expresses emotion (The voice is incredible)
  • It is available to free users
  • You can have a conversation with it in real time
  • They made a web app that integrates with your computer (Starting with Mac OS)
  • It is much better with languages other than English

[02] Key Takeaways

  • This is huge news for free users, as GPT-4o is now the best large language model in pretty much every way, and OpenAI is giving it away for free
  • The free users will get access to the best model (GPT-4o), the GPT store, web surfing, GPT vision, advanced data analytics, and pretty much everything else the paid users get
  • The author believes OpenAI's strategy is to gain market share by offering GPT-4o for free, and then potentially release a more powerful and smarter model like GPT-5 and/or AI agents for the paid users

[03] Why are some people disappointed with GPT-4o?

  • As a GPT-Plus paying customer, the author was somewhat disappointed because the vast majority of the benefits of GPT-4o are going to the free users
  • Although GPT-4o is much faster than GPT-4, it isn't a whole lot more powerful, which is why they didn't name it GPT-5
  • The author was also disappointed that OpenAI didn't mention anything about AI agents, which the author believes are coming soon

[04] The author's rating and outlook

  • The author gives GPT-4o a 7/10 rating, being super impressed with the speed, the desktop app, and the emotions of the voice
  • The author says they'll give it a 10/10 rating if/when OpenAI releases GPT-5 and AI agents, which the author believes are coming soon
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