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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy violated labor law with union comments, NLRB rules

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses how Amazon CEO Andy Jassy violated federal labor law by making comments that threatened employees and interfered with their right to unionize.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Amazon CEO's Comments on Unions

1. What did Andy Jassy say about unions that violated labor law?

  • Jassy acknowledged workers' right to unionize, but said employees would be "less empowered with a union" and that "it would be harder to get things done quickly โ€ฆ since unions are slower and more bureaucratic."
  • An administrative law judge for the National Labor Relations Board ruled that these comments "threatened employees" and interfered with their right to unionize.

2. How did Amazon respond to the NLRB ruling?

  • Amazon strongly disagrees that Jassy's comments were inappropriate and intends to appeal the NLRB's ruling.
  • Amazon spokesperson Mary Kate Paradis said the decision "reflects poorly on the state of free speech rights today" and that the company remains optimistic it will be able to continue discussing these issues where all perspectives can be heard.

3. What actions must Amazon take as a result of the NLRB ruling?

  • Amazon must post notices at its facilities alerting employees that the NLRB found the company violated federal labor law.
  • The notices must inform employees of their right to form a union and that Amazon will not threaten workers or interfere with those rights.
  • Amazon must also distribute copies of the notices to its workforce nationwide, since Jassy's comments appeared in national media.

[02] Unionization Efforts at Amazon

1. What is the status of unionization efforts at Amazon?

  • The ruling relates to the growing effort to unionize Amazon's warehouse workforce, which has so far resulted in just one formal vote to unionize at the company's Staten Island facility in New York City.
  • The Amazon Labor Union won that vote in March 2022, but more than two years later, they still do not have a contract with Amazon.

2. Who filed the complaint against Jassy with the NLRB?

  • The workers at Amazon's Staten Island facility, the Amazon Labor Union, filed the complaint against Jassy with the NLRB in June 2022 relating to comments he had made earlier that year.
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