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Words and Phrases that Make it Obvious You Used ChatGPT

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the overuse of certain words and phrases by ChatGPT, a popular language model, and provides examples of how to identify text that may have been generated by ChatGPT.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Overused Words and Phrases by ChatGPT

1. What are some of the words and phrases that ChatGPT tends to overuse?

  • Transitional words: Accordingly, Additionally, Arguably, Certainly, Consequently, Hence, However, Indeed, Moreover, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Notwithstanding, Thus, Undoubtedly
  • Adjectives: Adept, Commendable, Dynamic, Efficient, Ever-evolving, Exciting, Exemplary, Innovative, Invaluable, Robust, Seamless, Synergistic, Thought-provoking, Transformative, Utmost, Vibrant, Vital
  • Nouns: Efficiency, Innovation, Institution, Integration, Implementation, Landscape, Optimization, Realm, Tapestry, Transformation
  • Verbs: Aligns, Augment, Delve, Embark, Facilitate, Maximize, Underscores, Utilize
  • Phrases: A testament to..., In conclusion..., In summary..., It's important to note/consider..., It's worth noting that..., On the contrary..., This is not an exhaustive list.
  • Data analysis phrases: "Deliver actionable insights through in-depth data analysis", "Drive insightful data-driven decisions", "Leveraging data-driven insights", "Leveraging complex datasets to extract meaningful insights"

2. Does this mean these words and phrases should never be used? No, the article states that just because these words and phrases are overused by ChatGPT, it doesn't mean they can't be used in human-written text. Many people naturally use these words in their writing, and that's fine. The key is to be aware of them and avoid overusing them, as it can make the text sound more like it was generated by an AI.

3. What are some other signs that text may have been written by ChatGPT?

  • Overly complex sentence structures
  • An unusually formal tone in text that's supposed to be conversational or casual, or an overly casual tone for a formal or business text
  • Unnecessarily long and wordy
  • Vague statements

[02] Examples of ChatGPT-Generated Text

1. What are some signs that the recommendation letter example was generated by ChatGPT?

  • It is vague and wordy, without concrete examples of how the coworker helped with events.
  • There are too many adverbs, making it sound inauthentic and not human-written.
  • Some words and phrases aren't used often in human-written text, such as "professionalism," "furthermore," and "meticulous attention to detail."

2. What are some signs that the data analyst cover letter example was generated by ChatGPT?

  • It contains vague, meaningless phrases like "delivering actionable insights through in-depth data analysis," "leveraging complex datasets to extract meaningful insights," and "demonstrating strong problem-solving skills."
  • There are no specific examples of data projects, just vague references to "dynamic visualizations and dashboards."
  • It overuses adverbs that don't add any meaning to the text, such as "effectively," "efficiently," "successfully," and "cross-functionally."
  • It ends with "Warm regards," which is an unusual sign-off for a cover letter.

3. What are some signs that the LinkedIn outreach note example was generated by ChatGPT?

  • The subject line is overly formal: "Inquiry about Data Analyst Position at UVA."
  • It uses words that aren't frequently used in human-written text, such as "keen," "dynamic," "inquiry," and "deriving."
  • It contains vague, meaningless phrases like "exciting work being done at your institution," "passion for deriving insights from data," and "dynamic team like yours."
  • It doesn't include any specifics about the current job or projects, and only a vague reference to a "background in data analysis."

4. What are some signs that the email about data analysis findings was generated by ChatGPT?

  • It overuses meaningless adverbs like "additionally," "consistently," "effectively," and "strategically."
  • It uses the word "delve," which is identified as an overused verb by ChatGPT.
  • The greeting and sign-off are unnatural, with "Dear Stakeholders" and "Best regards" instead of using the names of the recipients.
  • It contains long, vague sentences that don't provide concrete details, such as "highlights the importance of concise and focused messaging," "present valuable opportunities for optimizing," and "delve deeper into the implications of this analysis."

5. What are some signs that the resume summary example was generated by ChatGPT?

  • It uses vague, meaningless words and phrases like "results-driven," "solid foundation," "actionable insights," "innovative solutions," "strong collaborator," "drive efficiency," "complex challenges," and "track record."
  • It doesn't provide any specific examples of certifications or data projects.
  • The phrasing is strange, such as "University of Virginia ecosystem" and "leveraging 4 years experience."
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