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Apple Just Completely Wrecked Grammarly with Apple Intelligence

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the decline of Grammarly, a popular writing assistant, and the rise of Apple Intelligence, a new AI-powered writing tool integrated into Apple's ecosystem. It highlights Grammarly's shortcomings, such as missing mistakes, lack of support for certain applications, and a generic, cookie-cutter approach to writing suggestions. The article then introduces Apple Intelligence as a more advanced and integrated writing assistant that leverages the power of Apple's ecosystem to provide seamless, personalized, and versatile writing assistance.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Grammarly's Decline

1. What were the main issues with Grammarly according to the article?

  • Grammarly missed stupid mistakes and made the author look like a fool
  • Grammarly's support for non-Word applications like Pages and Keynote was nonexistent
  • Grammarly's suggestions became too generic and cookie-cutter, removing natural words like "really" and "actually"
  • Grammarly focused more on chasing paid subscribers instead of innovating

2. How did Grammarly's shortcomings lead to its decline?

  • Grammarly's features that once felt groundbreaking now seemed stale and overly simplistic
  • Grammarly's cookie-cutter approach began to feel outdated in a world where personalization and authenticity are key
  • Grammarly failed to adapt and innovate, remaining largely unchanged as the world around it evolved

[02] The Rise of Apple Intelligence

1. What are the key features and advantages of Apple Intelligence compared to Grammarly?

  • Apple Intelligence is deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, providing a seamless writing experience across various applications
  • It offers real-time suggestions, corrections, and writing assistance, unlike Grammarly's bolt-on approach
  • Apple Intelligence goes beyond text-only focus, integrating audio and visual tools for more versatile writing assistance
  • It provides unique and personalized writing suggestions, unlike Grammarly's formulaic corrections

2. How did Apple's entry into the AI-powered writing assistance market disrupt Grammarly?

  • Apple Intelligence is a "giant leap" ahead of Grammarly, leveraging the power of Apple's ecosystem to provide a more advanced and integrated writing assistant
  • Grammarly's lack of innovation and adaptation allowed Apple to identify and fill the gap in the market, transforming writing assistance into a more advanced and integrated solution
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