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This New Internet Thing, Chapter 2

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article is about a man named Len who has just retired from his job at Chrysler. It describes his experiences and thoughts as he adjusts to retirement life.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] That Retirement Gift

1. What was Len's retirement like?

  • Len had a farewell lunch with his colleagues, where they shared stories about him and gave him a retirement gift of a 20-year-old bottle of Ardbeg Scotch.
  • Len felt that he would probably never see his former colleagues again after retiring.
  • Len had mixed feelings about his retirement, feeling both excited and overwhelmed by the prospect of having so much free time.

2. What were Len's initial plans for retirement?

  • Len planned to work on getting his golf score down, getting in shape, and completing various home projects he had been putting off.
  • He also considered joining the local YMCA and getting more involved in the stock market, which had always interested him.

3. How did Len's first week of retirement go?

  • Len spent his first week going to the YMCA, doing yard work, and napping, feeling somewhat guilty about not being more productive.
  • He met a fellow retiree named Ted, who was very busy with volunteer work, family obligations, and hobbies, which made Len wonder if this was what his own retirement would be like.

4. What were Len's thoughts on moving to Florida?

  • Len's neighbors Harry and Helen had moved to Florida and invited him to visit, but Len was unsure if he wanted to move there himself, as he was not enthusiastic about the retirement lifestyle he observed there.
  • Len also considered selling his house in Detroit, as the city had been in decline for many years, but was unsure of where else he might want to live.

5. How did Len feel about his daughter Janet and her husband Walt?

  • Len was very proud of Janet's career success and was looking forward to their upcoming visit to see him, as he knew they were concerned about how he was adjusting to retirement.
  • Len was grateful that Janet had Walt in her life, as he felt Walt was a much better partner for her than her previous husband.


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