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U.S. "Know Your Customer" Proposal Will Put an End to Anonymous Cloud Users * TorrentFreak

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the increasing requirements for identity verification and customer identification programs (CIPs) in the context of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) to address the threat of foreign malicious cyber activities. It outlines the proposed U.S. government regulations that would mandate IaaS providers to implement rigorous customer identification processes, including collecting sensitive personal information, to mitigate risks posed by potential foreign adversaries using these services for malicious purposes.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Improving Detection and Prevention of Foreign Malicious Cyber Activity

1. What is the premise behind the proposed U.S. government regulations for IaaS providers?

  • The premise is to reduce the risk of malicious actors using U.S. cloud services to attack critical infrastructure or undermine national security by requiring more rigorous sign-up procedures for IaaS platforms.

2. What are the key elements of the proposed Customer Identification Programs (CIPs) for IaaS providers?

  • IaaS providers would be required to collect the following information from both existing and prospective customers: name, address, payment method, email, phone number, and IP addresses used to access the account.

3. How broad is the definition of IaaS under the proposed regulations?

  • The definition of IaaS is very broad, covering a wide range of cloud-based computing services, including content delivery networks, proxy services, and domain name resolution services, where the consumer does not manage or control the underlying hardware.

[02] Scope of IaaS and Customer Identification Programs

1. What are the concerns raised about the potential implications of the proposed regulations for regular citizens?

  • The prospect of having to hand over highly sensitive personal information just to obtain a product trial is a real concern, as it increases the risk of data leaks and personal information ending up on the dark web.

2. What is the potential issue with the CIP process in terms of threat actors?

  • The threat actors may obtain other people's credentials to masquerade as regular users when subjected to a Know Your Customer process.

3. How might the largest IaaS providers view the CIP requirements?

  • The largest IaaS providers may consider the CIP requirements useful, as they can help stop threat actors and also provide an opportunity to build a database of personal details for all their customers.
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