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What to expect from Apple's AI-powered iOS 18 at WWDC | TechCrunch

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the upcoming changes and new features that Apple is expected to introduce in iOS 18 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next week. The focus is on how Apple plans to integrate AI technology into its devices and software, including through a partnership with OpenAI.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Siri's AI-enabled future

1. What are the key upgrades coming to Siri in iOS 18?

  • Siri will leverage Apple's own large language models to allow it to control individual features inside applications without any necessary setup by developers or users.
  • Siri will be able to handle more natural-sounding voices and summarize notifications that include people, companies, calendar events, locations, dates and more.
  • Some advanced Siri capabilities like handling tasks with multiple steps may be delayed until next year.
  • Siri will also come to Apple Watch, allowing users to perform tasks like playing music on another device.

[02] Apple Photos' new look

1. What new AI-powered features are coming to the Photos app?

  • A new interface is being teased.
  • Users will be able to retouch photos using generative AI technology, similar to Google's Magic Eraser.
  • Apple has developed an internal-only application called Generative Playground that uses generative AI to create and edit images, but it's unclear how this functionality will be presented to end users.

[03] Safari with more AI

1. What AI-powered features are coming to Safari?

  • A new Intelligent Search feature will provide AI-generated recaps of web pages and news articles.

[04] Notes injected with AI

1. How is Apple integrating AI into the Notes app?

  • Users will be able to ask for AI recaps of Notes.
  • Generative AI will help transcribe audio in Notes.
  • The Notes app will support in-app audio recording, transcription, and AI summarization.
  • A "Math Notes" feature will use AI to recognize mathematical equations and help users solve them.

[05] iMessages' AI makeover

1. What AI-powered features are coming to iMessage?

  • Generative AI will be used to create custom emojis.
  • AI-generated recaps of missed texts will be available.
  • Siri integration will be deeper.
  • Suggested replies generated by Apple's on-device language model will be offered.
  • RCS support is expected to bring improved messaging features when texting with Android users.

[06] Other app updates

1. What other app updates are planned for iOS 18?

  • Calendar will integrate with Apple's language model to check for events when composing responses.
  • Mail will get suggested email replies generated by Apple's language model.
  • Settings will get a revamped interface with better organization and search.
  • Control Center will get a new Music widget and improvements to HomeKit integrations.
  • Notifications will get AI-generated recaps of missed notifications.
  • Spotlight search will be faster and more reliable.
  • The Home Screen will allow users to place app icons freely instead of a grid.
  • Maps will support custom route creation.
  • Apple Music may get AI-powered auto-generated playlists.
  • Productivity apps like Keynote and Pages may get generative AI features.
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