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Trump is Willing to Trade Our Children’s Future for a Billion Dollars

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses Donald Trump's willingness to trade the future of children for a billion-dollar bribe from fossil fuel executives, in order to eliminate environmental regulations and prevent new ones from being enacted. It also covers the impacts of climate change, the role of the fossil fuel industry and Republican politicians in perpetuating the crisis, and the need for accountability and action to address these issues.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Trump's Billion-Dollar Bribe

1. What did the article say about Trump's offer to fossil fuel executives?

  • The article states that Trump told a group of fossil fuel executives that if they gave him a billion-dollar bribe, he would use it to become president and then eliminate all of President Biden's environmental regulations and prevent any new ones from coming into law.

2. How did the fossil fuel industry respond to Trump's offer?

  • The article mentions that Trump's "brazen appeal for them to grease his palm seemed to shock even these hardened planet-killers."

3. What is the significance of Trump's offer in the context of climate change?

  • The article argues that Trump and the Republican party are "explicitly willing to trade our and our children's future for a billion dollars" by making this offer to the fossil fuel industry.

[02] Climate Change Impacts

1. What did the article say about the latest IPCC report and climate scientists' projections?

  • The article states that most of the world's top climate scientists surveyed believe the planet is going to exceed the 1.5°C threshold previously defined as a disaster scenario, and are now expecting 2.5°C or even 3°C of warming, which could make much of the planet uninhabitable for humans.

2. How are some climate scientists responding to these projections?

  • The article mentions that some climate scientists are "questioning the wisdom of their own families having children" due to the severity of the climate crisis.

[03] Fossil Fuel Industry Influence

1. How has the fossil fuel industry been influencing politics and elections?

  • The article discusses how the Saudis and Russians have cut oil production to drive up US gasoline prices, which has historically correlated with decreased approval ratings for Democrats in power.
  • It also mentions that the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision has enabled the fossil fuel industry to bribe politicians and judges.

2. What actions are some states taking to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable?

  • The article states that five blue states are looking at ways to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the damage caused by climate change-fueled extreme weather, such as setting up a $2 billion fund in Vermont funded by a tax on the industry.

[04] Call to Action

1. What does the article say about the stakes of the upcoming election?

  • The article argues that the 2023 election will "not only determine the future survival of American democracy but also the destiny of most all life on Earth" due to the Republican party's embrace of greed and willingness to trade the future for short-term profits.

2. What does the article encourage readers to do?

  • The article urges readers to "double-check your voter registration and reach out to wake up everybody you know" given the urgency of the climate crisis and its potential impacts on people's survival.
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