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The Bluestocking, vol 319: Screen teens and TikTok therapists

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses various topics, including:

  • The announcement of a snap UK general election on July 4th, and the implications for the Conservative party
  • The challenges teenagers face with social media and phone-related drama
  • The rise of "therapist influencers" on TikTok who share personal struggles and give relationship advice

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Snap UK General Election

1. What are the key points about the upcoming UK general election?

  • Rishi Sunak announced that the next British election will be held on July 4th, catching the author by surprise as they already had a busy June planned
  • The author wrote a response for The Atlantic on why Sunak called this "ostensibly suicidal" snap election
  • The main threat to the Conservatives, the Reform party, does not yet have a strong ground organization or vetted candidates
  • Nigel Farage has decided to focus on the US rather than campaigning in the UK election

2. What are the author's thoughts on the election and the challenges facing the Conservatives?

  • The author summarizes the Conservatives' biggest problem with a "goose meme", suggesting they are in trouble
  • The author plans to closely follow the election coverage from various political commentators and analysts

[02] Teenagers and Social Media

1. What are the key issues teenagers face with social media and phones?

  • The article describes various social media-related dramas faced by 13-year-old girls, including:
    • Fights escalating in group chats
    • Hurt feelings over who was/wasn't included in social events
    • Anxiety over insensitive comments about mental health

2. How does the counselor at the girls' school characterize these phone-related conflicts?

  • The counselor describes the issues as "drama central" and says they see this type of conflict from both girls and boys, though more so from girls at this age.

[03] Therapist Influencers on TikTok

1. What are the key points about therapist influencers on TikTok?

  • Therapists like Jeff Guenther have built large TikTok followings by being very open about their own personal struggles
  • They refer to their audience using terms like "anxiously attached babes" and "relationship girlies"
  • Some therapists have shared very intimate details, like confessing to neglecting self-care due to obsession with romance novels

2. What is the author's perspective on these therapist influencers?

  • The author is highly skeptical of these therapists, questioning whether they are qualified to give advice given the personal issues they share
  • The author suggests these therapists may be more interested in making money on TikTok than actually helping clients.
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