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Is your PC having trouble? Your smart TV might be to blame

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses how a Hisense smart TV can cause issues with a connected Windows computer, creating a denial-of-service attack by generating an infinite number of Universal Plug and Play IDs. The author also expresses a preference for "dumb" home devices that do not connect to the internet.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] The issue with Hisense TV and Windows computer

1. What problem did the author's computer experience when connected to a Hisense TV?

  • The "Display Settings" menu didn't open
  • The "Task Manager" started hanging
  • Necessary functions for the computer to work started to fail

2. What was the cause of the problem?

  • The Hisense 50Q8G smart TV had been generating Universal Plug and Play IDs and convinced the computer that there were an infinite number of devices on the network, causing a denial-of-service attack on the PC.

3. How did the author fix the issue?

  • The author deleted the keys the TV had generated for five minutes, then restarted the computer, and everything worked again.

[02] The author's preference for "dumb" home devices

1. What is the author's view on smart home devices?

  • The author is strongly in favor of a "dumb home" where the only things using the Wi-Fi are the phone and computer, and everything else should remain offline.

2. Why does the author prefer "dumb" home devices?

  • The author does not want to worry about whether a device's software will suddenly break or if the device will stop working if the company goes bankrupt.

3. How does the author's view differ from most other people?

  • The author's preference for "dumb" home devices goes against the views of most people, including the author's co-workers and the readers of the site, as well as most electronics companies.
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