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If You're Preoccupied With Joe Biden's Age, You Need to Do Better

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the reactions to the first presidential debate, particularly the calls for Joe Biden to step down. It argues that Biden is an experienced and capable leader who has led the country through challenging times, and that the focus should be on the broader Democratic agenda and team rather than just Biden's age or performance. The article urges voters, especially young and progressive voters, to recognize the high stakes of the upcoming election and the threat posed by the Republican party, and to support the Democratic party despite any reservations about Biden.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] The article's main arguments

1. What are the key points made in the article about Joe Biden?

  • Joe Biden is an intelligent, compassionate, and reasonable leader who has served the nation faithfully
  • He has effectively led the country through crises like the insurrection, COVID-19, and inflation
  • He has continued to address important issues like price gouging, student loan debt, and gas prices

2. How does the article characterize the Republican party?

  • The Republican party is described as a "cultic" and "traitorous" group that is openly corrupt, brazenly traitorous, and violently predatory
  • The article lists numerous concerning actions and policies of the Republican party, including stacking the Supreme Court, overturning Roe v. Wade, targeting LGBTQ+ rights, and protecting guns over school children

3. What is the article's main message to voters, especially young and progressive voters?

  • The article urges voters to recognize the high stakes of the upcoming election and the threat posed by the Republican party
  • It argues that despite any reservations about Biden, the Democratic party and agenda are vastly preferable to the Republican alternative
  • It emphasizes the importance of voting to protect hard-won rights and freedoms that are under attack

[02] Advice for voters

1. What does the article say about the similarities and differences between the Democratic and Republican parties?

  • The article rejects the notion that the two parties are equally dangerous, arguing that an "objective" look at their platforms, legislation, and vision for the country shows clear differences
  • It states that "any false equivalencies are reckless" and that progressives/liberals who insist on this view are being "intellectually dishonest"

2. How does the article address the concerns of young and first-time voters?

  • The article acknowledges that seeing "two older white guys in suits" can make it difficult for young voters to get excited about voting
  • However, it emphasizes that the rights and freedoms they have experienced were hard-fought by Democrats, and are now under attack by Republicans
  • It stresses the critical importance of their voice in protecting these rights in the upcoming election

3. What does the article say about the consequences of Democrats losing in November?

  • The article states that "if the Dems lose in November, America loses"
  • It argues that the blame will not lie with Biden or the Democratic party, but with left-leaning voters who allowed themselves to be distracted by "meaningless distractions" rather than focusing on the high stakes
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