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11 Sales Closing Phrases to Nail the Last Piece of Your Sales Process

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses effective sales closing phrases and questions that can help seal a deal. It covers 8 sales closing phrases and 6 sales closing questions that can be used to move a prospect towards a decision and close the deal.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Use These 8 Sales Closing Phrases to Help Seal the Deal

1. What are the 8 sales closing phrases discussed in the article? The 8 sales closing phrases discussed are:

  • "Unless you have any further concerns or questions, I think we can get started."
  • "Let's discuss the costs involved with your chosen product."
  • "OK, let's finalize how we will onboard your team."
  • "This call is scheduled to end in [X] minutes. Please, take as long as you like, but if you're ready, let's move to the agreement."
  • "If you can commit to signing the contract today, I can also give you [incentive]."
  • "This solution would work for you, but I understand you need more time. Let's schedule a meeting for next week when you've had more time to think about it."
  • "It's fine that you can't commit today. Unfortunately, this particular offer is only available for [period of time], so I would need a signed contract by [date] to maintain this price."
  • "Let's recap how our product will fix [prospect pain point]."

2. Why does the author recommend using these closing phrases? The author explains that these closing phrases are effective because they:

  • Force the prospect to make a decision (are they in or out?)
  • Match the product to the prospect's budget and needs
  • Show the prospect you are invested in their success
  • Create a sense of urgency or scarcity
  • Refocus the prospect on their original pain points

3. When does the author recommend using these closing phrases? The author provides guidance on when to use each closing phrase, such as:

  • When you are confident the product is a good fit
  • With budget-conscious prospects
  • When the prospect needs help with onboarding/implementation
  • When you have nothing to lose and need a firm decision
  • When the prospect needs an extra incentive to commit
  • When the prospect needs more time to think it over
  • When the prospect is procrastinating or angling for a better offer
  • When the prospect gets sidetracked from the main pain points

[02] 6 Effective Sales Closing Questions for Your Sales Team

1. What are the 6 sales closing questions discussed in the article? The 6 sales closing questions discussed are:

  1. "What else needs to happen for you to buy?"
  2. "Considering everything, I think one of these two plans would work best for you. Would you like to go with [X] or [Y]?"
  3. "Are you ready to implement [the product] at your company?"
  4. "If we could find a way to deal with [objection], would you sign the contract on [set period in time]?"
  5. "On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that our product will meet your needs?"
  6. "You mentioned needing a solution by [X date]. If you signed up by [Y date], I can guarantee we have enough time for training and implementation. How does that sound?"

2. Why does the author recommend using these closing questions? The author explains that these closing questions are effective because they:

  • Allow the prospect to articulate what's blocking the deal
  • Narrow down choices to make the decision easier
  • Directly ask for a yes/no commitment
  • Turn objections into closing opportunities
  • Reveal doubts that need to be overcome
  • Tie the prospect's timeline to the implementation process

3. When does the author recommend using these closing questions? The author provides guidance on when to use each closing question, such as:

  • When the prospect isn't the only decision-maker
  • If the prospect is overwhelmed by too many options
  • When the prospect seems to be stalling for an unknown reason
  • If the prospect has objections that need to be addressed
  • When the prospect doesn't seem fully convinced of the product's value
  • When the prospect's timeline is in danger of not being met

[03] Final Thoughts: How to Use These Phrases and Questions Wisely

1. What tips does the author provide for using the closing phrases and questions effectively? The author provides the following tips:

  • Tread carefully with the assumptive close - only use it if the prospect is truly ready to buy
  • Build an authentic sense of urgency, don't just use sleazy sales tactics
  • Make good use of follow-ups to further understand the prospect's needs
  • Clearly outline the next steps for the prospect if they become a customer

2. Why does the author emphasize the need to set a timeline for when to end negotiations? The author explains that there is only so much a salesperson can do to seal a deal. At some point, the prospect has to commit, or else they are just wasting the salesperson's time. The author advises being bold and dropping a closing phrase when the time is right, as the deal will either be closed or the salesperson will walk away empty-handed.

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