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After 47 Years, Apple Is Making a Bittersweet Change. It’s Truly the End of an Era

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The article discusses Apple's decision to no longer include stickers in the packaging of its new products, such as the iPad Air and iPad Pro. It explores the emotional significance of these stickers for some Apple customers, as well as the practical considerations behind the company's decision.

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[01] The Significance of Apple Stickers

1. What is the emotional significance of the Apple stickers for some customers?

  • For many customers, the Apple stickers represent something special, even if it's hard to put into words.
  • Some customers have collections of Apple stickers dating back to their very first Apple devices, like a PowerBook G4 from 2001.
  • The stickers have become an important part of the experience of opening a new Apple device for a lot of people.

2. Why is Apple removing the stickers from their product packaging?

  • Apple is committed to making all of its products carbon-neutral by 2030, and including plastic stickers in every product's packaging does not align with this goal.
  • Stickers are one of the last remaining plastic components in Apple's product packaging, so their removal was inevitable.

3. How is Apple handling the removal of the stickers?

  • Apple is still making the stickers available for customers who request them from retail stores, even though they will no longer be included in the product boxes.
  • This approach allows Apple to meet its sustainability goals while still accommodating customers who value the stickers.

[02] The Importance of Emotions in Branding

1. What is the author's perspective on the role of emotions in a company's brand?

  • Feelings and emotions are one of the most important aspects of a company's brand, as they represent the sum total of all the experiences customers have with the company's products and people.
  • Even if a company has a good reason for making a change, they don't get to control how people feel about it, and they need to consider the cost of changing things that affect the way people perceive the brand.

2. How does the author view Apple's approach to removing the stickers?

  • The author believes Apple is handling the removal of the stickers in the right way by making them still available for customers who care about them, while also meeting its sustainability goals.
  • This approach acknowledges the emotional significance of the stickers for some customers, while also recognizing the practical need to reduce waste.
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