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Rules aren't Reasons

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the nature and purpose of rules, arguing that rules are often misinterpreted as mere instructions to be followed, rather than as safeguards with underlying reasons. It suggests that blindly following rules without understanding their rationale can lead to problems, and that it is important to look beyond the wording of rules and focus on the reasons behind them.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Rules and Their Purposes

1. What is the common misconception about rules? The common misconception is that "rules are instructions that must be followed", without understanding the reasons behind them.

2. Why do people start hiding that they broke the rules? People start hiding that they broke the rules in order to avoid punishment that must be enforced onto violators.

3. What is the relationship between rules and the legal system? The legal system manages to obscure the fact that rules are safeguards that prevent certain events from happening. There are members of society who like finding flaws in the phrasing of rules and cite them for things the rules were never meant or designed for.

4. What is the problem with interpreting rules without understanding the reasons behind them? When rules fail, one should fall back onto the reasons, not just the wording of the rules. Interpreting rules without understanding the reasons can lead to problems.

[02] Importance of Understanding Reasons Behind Rules

1. Why are rules an effective proxy for people, especially "stupid people"? Rules are an effective proxy because you don't need to know the reasons behind them, you just need to follow them and bad things won't happen. Explaining all the reasons to everybody would be too complicated.

2. What is the flaw of modern society regarding rules? The flaw of modern society is that the excess (rules that stick out and leave gaps) is taken seriously, while the gaps (where the reasons behind the rules are ignored) are ignored.

3. What is the author's advice regarding breaking rules? The author suggests that some rules are wrong or their meaning is twisted beyond reason, so it is acceptable to be a "criminal" and break the rules if you are following the reasons behind them. However, the author also advises to be cautious, as rules are there for "fools like you and me".

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