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Switching From iPhone to Android Is Easy. It’s the Aftermath That Stings.

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The article discusses the author's experience of switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, and the challenges and limitations faced after making the switch.

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[01] Switching from iPhone to Android

1. What was the author's experience when switching from an iPhone to an Android phone?

  • The author was initially surprised by how simple it was to shift his iPhone data to an Android smartphone made by Google. He was able to copy his contacts list, photo album, and calendar into his Google account, and then transfer his phone number to the Android device.
  • However, the author started facing various annoyances after a few days. Even though he could still use most of his Apple products, he started missing his Apple Watch, which requires an iPhone to fully work. He also found that while he could find Android alternatives for most of his favorite apps, he was unable to find one for the Notes app.
  • The author concluded that while the technical process of switching phones was not difficult, Apple's hooks were still in him, making the aftermath of the switch challenging.

[02] Antitrust case against Apple

1. What is the basis of the antitrust case against Apple brought by the Justice Department?

  • The Justice Department has accused Apple of using monopolistic control over the iPhone to harm competitors and deter customers from switching to other phones.
  • The author decided to briefly break up with his iPhone to test this theory.
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