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Who Turned Off the Gaslight?

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the media's role in perpetuating a false narrative about the state of the country and the Biden administration, as well as the Democratic Party's efforts to undermine and destroy former President Trump. It argues that the media has become complicit in serving the interests of the Democratic Party and the "Deep State" bureaucracy, engaging in deliberate lying and suppression of information to support their agenda.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] The Emperor's New Clothes and the Media's Behavior

1. What is the connection made between the fable of The Emperor's New Clothes and the media's behavior?

  • The article draws a parallel between the fable, which describes a mentally ill society that retreats into abject unreality to avoid contending with the truth, and the news media's "craven, dishonorable, degenerate behavior" over the past decade.
  • The media is accused of "disordering our nation's consensus about reality with peremptory lying about everything, in service to a political party that lies to its citizens about everything."

2. What is the big question posed about the media's behavior?

  • The article asks "who or what recruited them into serving the Party of Chaos, and why did they go along?"

[02] The Media's Repugnance Towards Trump

1. What aspects of Trump's background and persona did the media find repellent?

  • The article lists several factors, including Trump's origins in "tawdry Queens," his career in Manhattan where the trades are "mob-controlled," the Atlantic City casino debacle, bankruptcy, his personal life, the "tacky TV show," and his "rough, jumbly manner of speech."
  • The article suggests these aspects "repelled the Ivy Leaguers who increasingly filled the ranks of national-level journalism."

2. How did Trump's role as an archetypal "Daddy" figure affect the media's response?

  • The article argues that Trump's successful parenting of five children and his "overt masculinity" led him to assume the lineaments of the archetypal "Daddy" figure, which "enflamed the enormous cohort of feminists who had taken over the Democratic Party behind their avatar Hillary Clinton."

[03] The Democratic Party, the Deep State, and the Efforts to Destroy Trump

1. What role did the Democratic Party and the Deep State bureaucracy play in undermining Trump?

  • The article claims the Democratic Party and the "DC permanent bureaucracy" (the "Deep State") used the "machinery of the law" to lay "one trip after another on the president and effectively hog-tied him" through various investigations and events like "RussiaGate," the Ukraine phone call impeachment, and the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The goal was to "rid them of Mr. Trump once and for all" through the January 6th incident at the Capitol.

2. How did the mainstream media collaborate with these efforts?

  • The article alleges the mainstream media "went along with every bit of that, year after year, converting each mendacious act of the party and the bureaucracy into consumable narrative, and lying either overtly about all the ops, or just omitting to report on the dark truth behind it all."
  • The media also branded any "reality-based thread that happened to leak into public view from independent alt-news reporters" as "misinformation."

[04] The Media's Descent into Mental Illness and the Biden Presidency

1. How did the Democratic Party and the media's positions change over time?

  • The article argues the Democratic Party and its "public relations arm in the mainstream media" descended into "florid mental illness," flipping many of their previous positions on issues like free speech, a free press, anti-war sentiment, and discrimination.
  • They became "no longer skeptical of anything that the leviathan establishment wanted to do, including abridging the liberties of American citizens."

2. How did the media respond to the Biden presidency?

  • The article claims the media was "fine with 'Joe Biden' and whoever was using him as a front," despite evidence that Biden was not up to the demands of the presidency and the "dense criminal web of influence peddling discovered around him and his family."
  • The article suggests the media can no longer "pretend that this president is anything close to okay in body and mind" and that they have been "subject to a concerted program of deliberate lying for a long long time."
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