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GPT-4o first reactions: ‘essentially AGI’

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses the initial reactions to OpenAI's newest AI large language model (LLM) called GPT-4o, which was recently unveiled. It covers various perspectives and opinions from industry experts, influencers, and developers on the capabilities and potential impact of GPT-4o.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Overview of GPT-4o

1. What are the key features and capabilities of GPT-4o?

  • GPT-4o is faster and more affordable than OpenAI's previous GPT-4 model
  • It is better at detecting and mimicking human expressions, particularly through audio
  • It treats text, audio, and visual data equally, transforming them all into tokens
  • This allows for increased speed and decreased cost compared to previous models

2. How is GPT-4o being made available to users?

  • GPT-4o is free to use through ChatGPT for all users, even non-subscribers
  • Paying subscribers are getting access to it first, with the update rolling out over the coming weeks

3. What are some of the initial reactions to GPT-4o?

  • Reactions are mixed, with some impressed by its capabilities and others finding it underwhelming
  • Some see it as a significant leap towards artificial general intelligence (AGI), while others believe it is just a small step forward
  • There are concerns about OpenAI's ability to keep up with larger tech companies in terms of data, distribution channels, and infrastructure

[02] Perspectives on GPT-4o

1. What are the positive views on GPT-4o?

  • Some experts and influencers are excited about the new desktop ChatGPT app that runs on GPT-4o, seeing it as a powerful "coworker" tool
  • Others believe GPT-4o will "completely change the AI assistant game"
  • There is excitement around its ability to render 3D objects from text prompts

2. What are the more critical views on GPT-4o?

  • Some find the marketing and demos for GPT-4o as a voice assistant to be "leaning into the masquerade of intelligence"
  • Others believe there is a growing "capability gap" between OpenAI and larger tech companies with more data, distribution channels, and infrastructure
  • One influencer described the release as a "tiny baby step" in development, calling it "embarrassing"

3. How does the article suggest the reactions to GPT-4o will evolve over time?

  • The article notes that GPT-4o is still a very young product, with many capabilities still to reach the public
  • It suggests that as more people have the opportunity to test and experience the model, the reactions and opinions will continue to evolve
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