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Airbnb CEO shares the mistake he made while conducting Covid-era layoffs: 'A company's not a family'

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the mistake Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky made while conducting layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of not thinking of the workplace as a "family".

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Airbnb CEO's Mistake During Layoffs

1. What mistake did Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky make while conducting layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Chesky wrote a note to employees describing the company as a "family" when announcing layoffs, which he later realized was a mistake.
  • Thinking of the workplace as a "family" can make it difficult for bosses and employees to do their jobs, especially when having to make tough decisions like layoffs.

2. Why did Chesky initially describe Airbnb as a "family" in his layoff announcement?

  • The "family" concept was a popular loyalty-building tool among tech companies pre-COVID, with perks like free food and on-site amenities encouraging employees to spend more time at work.
  • Chesky wrote the layoff announcement quickly and emotionally, and that's how he felt at the time.

3. How did Chesky's view on describing the workplace as a "family" change after the layoffs?

  • Chesky realized that a "company's not a family" and that Airbnb had to pivot away from that mindset.
  • Referring to the company as a "family" made it difficult to fire people or have them leave, which is necessary in a business context.

[02] Alternative Perspectives on Workplace Culture

1. How does Netflix CEO Reed Hastings suggest companies should view their workplace instead of a "family"?

  • Hastings recommends organizing the workplace like a professional sports team, where everyone has to fight for their job every year.
  • This sports team metaphor helps create a sense of belonging while keeping performance and productivity as the priority.

2. What are the potential issues with viewing the workplace as a "family", according to leadership coach Joshua A. Luna?

  • The "family" mindset can make it easier for managers to take advantage of employees by regularly asking them to go "above and beyond".
  • Employees may feel pressured to take on extra work to avoid falling out of favor or even getting fired, even if it's not in their job description.

3. How does Luna suggest a positive, healthy workplace culture should be structured?

  • A healthy workplace culture "respects the transactional nature of this relationship" between employer and employee, rather than an emotional "family" dynamic.
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