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How we’re approaching AI-generated writing on Medium

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The article discusses Medium's approach to AI-generated content on their platform. It covers the feedback received from the Medium community, the company's initial policy update, and the varying stances of other publications on the issue.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Medium's Approach to AI-Generated Content

1. What were the main themes in the feedback received from the Medium community?

  • Many users expressed concerns about AI-generated content being subsidized by their paid subscriptions, preferring to support human-written work.
  • There was a call for transparency and disclosure, with the expectation that AI-generated content should be clearly labeled as such.

2. What is Medium's initial approach to AI-generated content?

  • Medium has updated their distribution standards to require that any story created with AI assistance be clearly labeled as such.
  • This is to promote transparency and allow readers to understand whether a story is machine- or human-written.
  • Medium recognizes the potential uses of AI technology and is open to its responsible application, but will not distribute content that is not disclosed as AI-generated.

3. How do other publications on Medium approach AI-generated content?

  • Some publications, like Towards Data Science and Fanfare, have strict policies prohibiting AI-generated content entirely.
  • The Writing Cooperative requires that any use of generative AI tools be cited as a source.
  • Medium acknowledges that their approach may evolve over time as the technology and its use continue to develop.
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