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🌈 Abstract

The article discusses Apple's announcement of the Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset, and why the author believes it will be a commercial failure for the company. The article covers topics such as the technical achievements of the device, the challenges of headset-based products, the pricing and positioning of the Vision Pro, and Apple's strategic motivations behind the product.

🙋 Q&A

[01] The Vision Pro as a Technical Achievement

1. What are the positive aspects of the Vision Pro according to the article?

  • The article states that the positive aspects of the Vision Pro were "the best I have seen in any VR headset by a mile" according to reviewer Marques Brownlee, and that Robin Roberts looked like she would hug Tim Cook after her demo.

2. Why does the author believe the Vision Pro will be a commercial failure?

  • The author believes the Vision Pro will be a commercial failure for several reasons:
    • It will age poorly, like "candy cigarettes"
    • The high price of $3,500 limits trial and adoption
    • Headsets are a bad form factor that obstruct peripheral vision and are uncomfortable to wear for extended periods

[02] Apple's Strategy and Motivations

1. What is Apple's typical product strategy according to the article?

  • The article states that Apple's strategy is to start with a product that is more an "elegant proof-of-concept" than a mainstream hit, rely on early adopters, and then iterate to turn it into a third-generation triumph.

2. What is the author's view on why Apple greenlit the Vision Pro despite Tim Cook's reported skepticism?

  • The author suggests three reasons:
    • Hubris
    • A shift in culture towards isolation and loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • An existential struggle with Apple's rival, Meta (Facebook)

3. How does the author see the Vision Pro as part of Apple's strategic battle with Meta?

  • The author believes Apple doesn't need the Vision Pro to be a commercial success, but rather to keep the headset category "unsettled and splintered" so that Meta doesn't dominate it. Apple can use its cash to engage in a "high-cost, low-ROI arms race" against Meta's metaverse ambitions.

[03] Broader Implications

1. What are the author's concerns about the societal impact of headset-based products like the Vision Pro?

  • The author is troubled by how headsets can isolate people and make them "less human" by obstructing physical presence and social interaction, which the author sees as essential for human wellbeing.

2. How does the author view the Vision Pro in the context of Apple's other potential product plans?

  • The author suggests that while the timing may be poor for the Vision Pro, it could be good for an Apple Car, as the EV market is booming and Tesla is vulnerable. The author believes an Apple Car announcement could have created more value for the company than the Vision Pro.
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