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A Reckoning for Fake Elector Masterminds in Wisconsin

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the criminal charges brought by the Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul against three individuals - Jim Troupis, Kenneth Chesebro, and Mike Roman - for their roles in orchestrating a plan to steal the 2020 election for Donald Trump. It examines the details of the fake electors scheme, the timeline of events, and the ongoing investigations and legal proceedings in various states.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Wisconsin Attorney General's Charges

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  • Why did the Wisconsin Attorney General's office take over 3 years to bring criminal charges against the individuals involved in the fake electors scheme?
  • What is the Attorney General's justification for the delay in bringing charges?
  • Who are the three individuals charged, and what are their backgrounds?
  • What is the status of the fake electors scheme in other states, and how does Wisconsin's case differ?


  • The Attorney General's office stated that their focus is on conducting high-quality investigations and prosecutions, rather than the speed of the process. They wanted to "get things right" rather than rush the case.
  • The three individuals charged are former Trump attorneys Jim Troupis and Kenneth Chesebro, and former Trump campaign staffer Mike Roman. Troupis is a former judge appointed by a Republican governor, Chesebro is known as the architect of the fake electors scheme, and Roman was Trump's director of Election Day operations.
  • In other states, charges have been filed against both the fake electors and the organizers of the scheme. In Wisconsin, only the organizers (Troupis, Chesebro, and Roman) have been charged so far, not the ten fake electors themselves.

[02] Details of the Fake Electors Scheme

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  • What was the timeline of events leading up to the creation of the fake electors certificates?
  • What was the role of Donald Trump and his associates in orchestrating the fake electors scheme?
  • How did the fake electors scheme play out in different states, and what is the status of the investigations in those states?


  • The fake electors scheme was hatched in Wisconsin, with Chesebro sending a memo to Troupis on November 18, 2020 proposing the idea. They then enlisted others and worked out the details.
  • Trump campaign officials, including Troupis, Chesebro, and a consultant referred to as "Individual A" (likely Boris Epshteyn), were actively involved in planning and implementing the fake electors scheme. They met with Trump in the Oval Office on December 16, 2020, after which Chesebro expressed confidence that they could "weaponize" the Electoral Count Act.
  • The fake electors scheme played out in seven states, with varying degrees of conditionality and legal consequences. Charges have been filed against participants in five of those states (Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin), while no charges are expected in the other two (New Mexico and Pennsylvania).

[03] Ongoing Investigations and Legal Proceedings

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  • What is the status of the legal proceedings against the individuals charged in Wisconsin?
  • How have other individuals, such as Senator Ron Johnson, been implicated in the fake electors scheme?
  • What is the current status of the fake electors and their involvement in Wisconsin's election processes?


  • Troupis, Chesebro, and Roman are due in court on September 19 for their charges in Wisconsin. Troupis continues to serve on a state judicial ethics panel, despite his role in the fake electors scheme.
  • Senator Ron Johnson has been implicated in the scheme, as he attempted to deliver the fraudulent electors certificate to Vice President Pence on January 6, 2021. Documents show he was in communication with Troupis and Chesebro about the "Pence angle".
  • One of Wisconsin's ten fake electors, Robert Spindell, continues to sit on the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which will oversee the upcoming election. The state still has work to do in addressing the aftermath of the fake electors scheme.
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