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Analysis: Biden’s post-debate crisis is now evolving into a genuine threat to his reelection bid | CNN Politics

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The article discusses the growing concerns within the Democratic party about President Joe Biden's performance and fitness for a second term, following his debate showdown with former President Donald Trump. It highlights the calls from some Democratic lawmakers for Biden to step aside and allow the party to choose another nominee, as well as the party's efforts to address these concerns.

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[01] Concerns about Biden's Performance and Fitness

1. What are the key concerns raised about Biden's performance and fitness for office?

  • There are growing concerns among Democratic lawmakers and the public about Biden's mental and physical fitness, particularly after his debate performance against Trump, which was seen as poor and raised questions about his ability to fully serve another term.
  • Some Democratic lawmakers, such as Rep. Lloyd Doggett, have called for Biden to step aside and allow the party to choose another nominee.
  • There are also calls for more openness and details on Biden's health and mental state, as the anxiety about his reelection campaign evolves into a genuine threat to his grip on the Democratic nomination.

2. How have Biden and his team responded to these concerns?

  • Biden's team has tried to address the concerns, but their responses have often exacerbated the problem.
  • White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has declined to go beyond Biden's already released annual physical results, which found him fit for duty in February.
  • Biden himself has made comments, such as joking that he "almost fell asleep onstage" with Trump, which have been seen as odd and not adequately addressing the concerns.

3. What are the potential implications of these concerns for Biden's reelection campaign?

  • The fallout from the debate has created an extraordinary twist in the campaign, with the comparison between Biden and Trump that the president's campaign had anticipated being overshadowed by speculation over Biden's health and endurance.
  • Biden's political position has deteriorated, with some Democratic lawmakers, such as Rep. Mike Quigley, expressing concerns about his ability to win and the impact on the party's chances in the House and Senate.
  • The CNN/SSRS poll shows that three-quarters of Americans believe Democrats would have a better chance of beating Trump with a candidate other than Biden, and even Vice President Kamala Harris fares better in a hypothetical matchup with Trump.

[02] Potential Alternatives and the Democratic Party's Response

1. What are the potential alternatives being discussed within the Democratic party?

  • Some Democratic figures, such as Rep. James Clyburn and Sen. Laphonza Butler, have expressed support for Vice President Kamala Harris as a potential replacement nominee if Biden steps aside.
  • There has also been speculation about other potential candidates, such as Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, who has been mentioned as a potential replacement nominee.

2. How is the Democratic party responding to these concerns and the potential for a change in nominee?

  • The party is facing increasing pressure to address the concerns, with calls for Biden to have more direct contact with Democratic governors and lawmakers to address their worries.
  • However, the party is also trying to maintain unity and support for Biden, with Vice President Harris reiterating her support for Biden as the party's nominee.
  • The logistical challenges of changing the party's nominee at this stage in the campaign are also being acknowledged, but the party is grappling with the potential implications of Biden's continued candidacy.
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