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How we turned 1,200 employees into a buzz-generation machine ๐Ÿ”‹

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses Wiz's successful employee advocacy program, which has helped the company leverage its employees' social media presence to amplify its marketing efforts. The key points covered include:

  • Wiz's employees have a vast potential reach on LinkedIn, with 1,200 employees and an average of 2,000 connections each.
  • Wiz has implemented a 9-step playbook to activate employee advocacy, including providing employees with ready-to-share content, running LinkedIn workshops, and celebrating high-performing employees.
  • The company has also created an internal AI-powered tool and a ChatGPT prompt library to help employees generate personalized LinkedIn content.
  • Fostering the right company culture, where employees feel valued and excited to share, is crucial for the success of the employee advocacy program.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Wiz's Employee Advocacy Playbook

1. What are the key steps in Wiz's employee advocacy playbook?

  • Do the heavy lifting for employees by providing them with ready-to-share content, including images and post options
  • Organize "Treasure Hunt" games and celebrate employee milestones with custom GIFs
  • Set up a private Slack channel for "Wizfluencers" to provide them with exclusive access and perks
  • Ensure that employees are directly mentioned and tagged in posts on Wiz's main LinkedIn page
  • Offer 15-minute LinkedIn workshops for internal teams and a company-wide presentation on going viral on LinkedIn
  • Provide hiring managers with a custom-written LinkedIn post request form to streamline the process for crucial job openings
  • Create an internal AI-powered tool and a ChatGPT prompt library to help employees generate personalized LinkedIn content

2. How does Wiz ensure that employees are engaged in the advocacy program?

  • Wiz makes employees feel valued and excited to share by publicly celebrating the most engaged advocates and positioning LinkedIn activity as a core part of succeeding at the company.
  • Wiz connects new hires with as many employees as possible during their first month to expose them to the high rates of employee sharing, which helps the mindset become contagious.
  • Wiz clearly communicates the "why" behind employee advocacy, explaining how it benefits the company and the employees themselves.
  • Wiz regularly shares the results of employee advocacy campaigns, highlighting the positive impact on leads and candidates.

[02] Wiz's Approach to Employee Advocacy

1. What is Wiz's approach to employee advocacy, and how does it differ from traditional methods?

  • Wiz's approach is highly personalized and focused on providing employees with ready-to-share content, rather than relying on automation or gamification platforms.
  • The company emphasizes the human touch, with personal outreach to employees via Slack and email, rather than using LinkedIn features or advocacy automation tools.
  • Wiz believes that this personal approach is more effective than any bot or platform, as it helps employees feel valued and excited to share.

2. How does Wiz measure the success of its employee advocacy program?

  • Wiz tracks the impact of employee advocacy campaigns on lead generation and candidate attraction, sharing these results with employees to demonstrate the positive impact of their participation.
  • The company also measures the level of employee engagement, such as the number of employees actively sharing content and the growth in their LinkedIn connections.
  • Ultimately, Wiz's success is measured by the overall growth and brand exposure the company achieves through its employee advocacy efforts.
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