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Fish are shrinking around the world. Here’s why scientists are worried.

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses the global phenomenon of fish shrinking in size across the world's oceans, and the scientific uncertainty around the reasons behind this trend.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Fish Shrinking Globally

1. What is the key issue discussed in the article?

  • Fish are shrinking in size across the world's oceans, and scientists are unsure of the exact reasons why this is happening.
  • This trend has significant implications, as billions of people depend on seafood as a source of protein.

2. What are some of the potential reasons suggested for the fish shrinking?

  • The article does not provide specific reasons, but states that "no one can agree why" the fish are shrinking in size.
  • Figuring out the reason behind this phenomenon is important, as it has major implications for global food security.

[02] Implications of Fish Shrinking

1. What are the potential implications of the fish shrinking trend?

  • The article states that the reason for the fish shrinking has "big implications, with billions of people depending on seafood for protein."
  • The shrinking of fish size could impact the availability and nutritional value of seafood, which is a critical source of protein for many people around the world.
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