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華為找到先進製程突圍路徑 四大中國本土半導體廠燒錢力挺

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The article discusses how Huawei has found a path to break through the advanced semiconductor manufacturing process, and how four major Chinese domestic semiconductor companies are investing heavily to support Huawei.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Huawei's Semiconductor Breakthrough

1. What are the key points about Huawei's semiconductor breakthrough?

  • Huawei has recently launched the Pura 70 series of smartphones powered by the Kirin 9010 chip, which is manufactured using a 7nm N+2 process, showcasing China's R&D capabilities.
  • Huawei has strong government support and is working closely with the domestic supply chain to overcome the US sanctions.
  • Huawei's financial performance has improved significantly, with Q1 2024 revenue up 36.66% year-over-year and net profit up 564%, indicating it has found a way to break through the US restrictions.

2. How are the four major Chinese semiconductor companies supporting Huawei?

  • SMIC is manufacturing the Kirin 9000S and Kirin 9010 chips for Huawei's latest smartphones, using its 7nm process technology.
  • Fujian Jinhua, which was previously sanctioned by the US, has been quietly revived with Huawei's help and is now producing chips for Huawei.
  • Tongfuwei and Shenghui Microelectronics are leading the development of advanced packaging technologies, which are crucial for Huawei to overcome the chip supply bottleneck.

[02] Advanced Packaging as a Breakthrough

1. What is the significance of advanced packaging for Huawei?

  • Advanced packaging is seen as a key technology that can help sustain Moore's Law beyond the physical limits of chip scaling.
  • Huawei's rotating chairman Guo Ping has emphasized that advanced packaging is critical for Huawei to break through the chip supply constraints.

2. How are Tongfuwei and Shenghui Microelectronics contributing to Huawei's advanced packaging capabilities?

  • Tongfuwei, with government support, has acquired 85% stakes in Amkor's facilities in China and Malaysia, and is collaborating with Amkor to develop advanced packaging technologies.
  • Shenghui Microelectronics, one of the earliest Chinese companies to invest in 12-inch wafer manufacturing, is rapidly expanding its advanced packaging capabilities, including CoWoS, to support Huawei.
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