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Trump’s Brain Is Not Okay

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses the concerns raised by mental health professionals, particularly John Gartner, about the declining mental state of former President Donald Trump, including signs of dementia. It examines the evidence for Trump's cognitive decline and the potential risks to the nation if he were to be re-elected while exhibiting these symptoms.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Trump's Declining Mental State

1. What are the key signs of dementia that experts have observed in Trump's behavior?

  • Decline from his previous baseline in verbal fluency, with a marked deterioration in memory, language ability, behavior, and motor skills
  • Forgetting names and confusing people, such as mixing up Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi, or repeatedly referring to Obama as the current president
  • Use of non-words and semantic aphasia (using real words incorrectly) in his speech, indicating language and cognitive impairment
  • Tangential thinking and incoherent speech, suggesting disorientation and difficulty maintaining a coherent train of thought
  • Physical signs like a wide-based gait and difficulty with fine motor coordination

2. Why are experts more concerned about Trump's cognitive decline compared to Biden's age-related changes?

  • The experts argue that Biden's occasional lapses, such as forgetting names, are normal signs of aging, while Trump's cognitive issues are more severe and indicative of progressive dementia.
  • They emphasize that Trump has shown a dramatic decline in his cognitive abilities, especially in the last 4 years, which is more concerning than the typical age-related changes seen in Biden.

3. What are the potential risks to the country if Trump were to be re-elected while exhibiting signs of dementia?

  • Experts warn that as Trump's dementia progresses, his behavior and decision-making will become increasingly erratic, impulsive, and destructive, potentially leading to catastrophic consequences for the nation.
  • They fear Trump could become incapacitated while in office, with his cronies unable to control him, leading to a chaotic and dangerous situation.

[02] Efforts to Raise Awareness

1. What is the Duty to Warn petition and what is its purpose?

  • The Duty to Warn petition was initiated by John Gartner to gather signatures from licensed medical and mental health professionals who share the assessment that Trump is exhibiting signs of dementia.
  • The goal is to amplify the voices of these professionals and raise awareness about the potential dangers of Trump's cognitive decline.

2. How has the petition and the experts' efforts been received?

  • The petition has gathered over 500 valid signatures from professionals, with many providing detailed explanations of the symptoms they have observed in Trump's behavior.
  • The experts' efforts have faced resistance, but they are starting to gain more attention, with their comments and analysis being widely read and shared online.
  • The experts believe the public is hungry for objective, medical-based information on the cognitive health of both Trump and Biden, and they hope to continue to raise awareness on this critical issue.
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