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What OpenAI did

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the release of a new AI model, GPT-4o, by OpenAI. It highlights the key features and implications of this new model, including:

  • Democratizing access to advanced AI capabilities by making GPT-4o available for free to everyone, not just paying customers
  • Empowering employees and entrepreneurs with GPT-4o's capabilities, such as GPTs (agent-like programs) and Code Interpreter
  • Significant implications for education, work, and global entrepreneurship
  • Upcoming multimodal capabilities that allow GPT-4o to see, hear, and interact with the world in a more natural and integrated way

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Democratizing Access

1. What is the key business decision that OpenAI has made with GPT-4o?

  • OpenAI has decided to make GPT-4o available for free to everyone, not just paying customers. This is a significant change from the previous model, GPT-4, which was only accessible to paying customers.

2. How does this compare to the adoption of previous AI models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4?

  • When the author asks groups if they use ChatGPT, almost every hand goes up, but when asked about GPT-4, only 5% of hands remain up. This suggests that the $20 per month barrier for GPT-4 prevented many people from accessing and benefiting from the more advanced AI capabilities.

3. What are some of the key features of GPT-4o that will now be available to everyone for free?

  • The ability to use GPTs (agent-like programs) to automate complex creative tasks
  • The Code Interpreter feature, which allows the AI to run the code it writes and explore complex datasets in a low-hallucination and low-error way

[02] Implications

1. What are the implications of universal free access to GPT-4o for education?

  • GPT-4o can be a powerful tutor and teaching tool, but it also poses challenges with the "Homework Apocalypse" as it can do almost all homework assignments and write much better than previous models.
  • This could lead to widespread cheating and universal high-end tutoring, creating an interesting time for education.

2. What are the implications for the workplace?

  • Companies have been experimenting with giving employees widespread access to GPT-4, and 25% of active users at one company (Moderna) had built their own GPTs to solve problems.
  • With free access to GPT-4o, employees may start building and sharing GPTs to automate work without their employers' knowledge, which will be a challenge for organizations to manage.

3. How might GPT-4o impact global entrepreneurship?

  • GPT-4o's capabilities, such as writing in perfect English, basic coding, and problem-solving, can act as an excellent "co-founder" for innovators who previously had trouble bringing their ideas to market.
  • A study showed that getting advice from GPT-4 increased the profitability of high-performing small business entrepreneurs in Kenya by 15%, so free access to this powerful tool may have profound implications for global entrepreneurship.
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