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Be part of a better internet

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses Medium's membership model as a way to build a healthier and more thoughtful internet, free from the issues plaguing the current state of the internet such as ads, misinformation, and low-quality content.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Building a Better Internet

1. What are the key issues with the current state of the internet that the article identifies?

  • The internet is flooded with ads, spam, misinformation, disinformation, division, and hate
  • Search results are filled with content created by or for machines, not humans
  • The current ad-based business model incentivizes the creation of cheap, high-volume, low-quality content designed to grab attention rather than provide value

2. How does Medium's membership model aim to address these issues?

  • Medium is funded by members, not advertising, so it doesn't need to manipulate attention to show ads
  • Medium curates content to recommend the most informed writers, not just the loudest ones
  • Medium filters out spam, fraud, and AI-generated content that plagues other platforms
  • Medium promotes deeper understanding and thoughtful discussion, rather than misunderstanding and division
  • Medium rewards writers who put in the hard work of researching and articulating their ideas

3. What are the key benefits that Medium's membership model provides to readers?

  • Respects readers' time by being ad-free
  • Recommends high-quality, informed writers rather than just popular content
  • Protects readers from spam, fraud, and low-quality AI-generated content
  • Promotes deeper understanding and thoughtful discussion

[02] Membership Campaign

1. What is the current membership campaign offer?

  • Medium is offering a 20% discount on membership during their summer membership campaign, which runs until August 17th.

2. Why does the article encourage readers to consider becoming a Medium member?

  • The article argues that places like Medium, which are building systems to help people spend their time and money in thoughtful ways, are necessary for a healthier internet.
  • By becoming a Medium member, readers can support the creation of a better online space that deepens understanding and promotes quality content.
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