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The Investor Who Called Defense Tech’s Big Moment

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The article discusses the rise of defense technology in the venture capital industry, focusing on Trae Stephens, a partner at Founders Fund who has played a key role in bringing military technology into the mainstream. It highlights Stephens' ambition to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley, middle America, and the Pentagon, and his involvement in various defense tech deals.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Trae Stephens and Founders Fund's Defense Tech Investments

1. What is Trae Stephens' background and role at Founders Fund?

  • Trae Stephens is a partner at Founders Fund, one of Silicon Valley's most elite venture capital firms.
  • He has a background in an unnamed three-letter intelligence agency and has always been motivated by public service.
  • He left the government to join Palantir and then Founders Fund, and has since been involved in many of the venture world's most important defense tech deals.

2. How has Trae Stephens helped bridge the gap between Silicon Valley, middle America, and the Pentagon?

  • Stephens has worked to be a "bridge builder" between these different groups, leveraging his connections and expertise to facilitate defense tech deals and investments.
  • He co-founded the defense tech company Anduril with Palmer Luckey, helping to bring military technology into the venture capital mainstream.
  • Stephens is seen as a key figure in Founders Fund's efforts to invest in and support the defense tech sector.

3. What is the significance of Founders Fund's role in the defense tech industry?

  • Founders Fund laid the groundwork for the defense tech boom before it became popular, with Palantir being an early progenitor of modern Silicon Valley defense tech.
  • While Andreessen Horowitz is known for its marketing prowess, Founders Fund has been a pioneer in the defense tech space, with Stephens playing a central role.
  • However, Stephens has some reservations about the current "hype" around defense tech, suggesting a more nuanced view on the industry's growth.

[02] Founders Fund's Challenges and Transitions

1. What challenges and transitions have Founders Fund faced?

  • The firm has seen some key departures, with Keith Rabois returning to Khosla Ventures and Ryan Petersen having to focus more on his Founders Fund portfolio company, Flexport.
  • Some of Founders Fund's promising junior investors have also left to join Kleiner Perkins.
  • The article suggests that a lot is riding on Trae Stephens, as a former member of the "deep state" with a "nice guy reputation," to help guide Founders Fund through its next chapter.
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