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Exploring the Concept of ‘Misinformation as a Harm’

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses the efforts of fact-checkers to prioritize which claims and issues to focus on, particularly in the context of "misinformation as a harm." It introduces the FABLE framework, which aims to help fact-checkers triage claims according to their potential for harm. The article also touches on broader takeaways, such as the importance of trusted conversations online and the power of individual agency in navigating misinformation.

🙋 Q&A

[01] The FABLE Framework

1. What are the five dimensions of the FABLE framework?

  • The FABLE framework has five dimensions that aim to clarify when a false rumor or information is increasingly harmful, rather than identifying types of harm:
    • Factuality
    • Amplification
    • Believability
    • Lethality
    • Exploitativeness

2. What is the purpose of the FABLE framework?

  • The FABLE framework was developed to help fact-checkers triage the claims and issues they focus on, as they are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information to potentially fact-check.
  • The framework aims to provide a structured approach for fact-checkers to prioritize their efforts based on the potential harmfulness of the misinformation.

[02] Broader Takeaways

1. What are the key takeaways from this work beyond the FABLE framework?

  • The article highlights how we are deeply connected and dependent on one another, and the implications of misinformation can have far-reaching consequences, even on complex issues.
  • It also emphasizes the importance of tools and resources that can enable individuals to make informed and independent choices, while recognizing the power that each person has to affect others.

2. What is the call to action for readers?

  • The article encourages readers to share the newsletter with colleagues or friends who might be interested in discussing how to create opportunities for trusted conversations online.
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