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It's not too late for Dems to choose another candidate. Here's how it would work. | Business Insider India

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The article discusses the possibility of the Democratic Party replacing President Joe Biden as their 2024 presidential candidate following his poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump. It explores various scenarios, including Biden resigning or the party delegates choosing a new nominee at a contested convention, and the potential challenges and implications of such a move.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Can the Democrats replace President Joe Biden at the top of the ticket?

1. Is it possible for the Democrats to replace Biden as their presidential candidate? Yes, it remains entirely possible and legal for Biden to either gracefully bow out or for Democrats to remove him from the ticket. However, this would not be a straightforward process.

2. What are the potential scenarios for replacing Biden?

  • Biden could resign as president, making Kamala Harris the president but not necessarily the nominee.
  • The Democratic delegates could defect en masse from Biden, though this would be highly unusual and require significant coordination.
  • Biden could step aside before the August convention, leading to a contested convention to choose a new nominee.

3. What are the challenges and implications of replacing Biden?

  • The delegates are largely presumed to be loyal to Biden, so replacing him would involve intense lobbying and "horse-trading".
  • A contested convention could lead to chaos and division within the party, similar to the tumultuous 1968 Democratic convention.
  • There is no obvious heir apparent, and Vice President Kamala Harris's low approval ratings make her an unlikely contender.
  • The Democrats would need to act quickly to have a smooth transition to a new nominee before the general election campaign begins in September.

[02] Biden's debate performance

1. How did Biden perform in the first presidential debate? Biden's debate performance was widely criticized as a "complete disaster". He struggled with slurred speech, incoherent statements, and appeared disengaged at times, providing fodder for those who argue he is unfit for office due to his advanced age.

2. How did Biden's demeanor and body language compare to Trump's? While Trump appeared confident and composed, Biden's body language and facial expressions, such as averting eye contact and looking stunned, were seen as conveying weakness and a lack of professionalism.

3. What was the reaction to Biden's performance? The debate performance has led to calls for Biden to step aside, with even prominent Democrats acknowledging his struggles. Commentators like Jon Stewart mocked Biden's performance, and the Trump campaign seized on it as evidence of Biden's "weakness and decline".

4. What are the potential implications of Biden's debate performance? Biden's poor performance could provide ammunition for those who want to portray him as senile or unfit for office, especially among younger voters who tend to consume political news through social media clips rather than in-depth analysis.

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