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Figma announces big redesign with AI

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the new features Figma is announcing at its Config conference, including a major UI redesign, new generative AI tools, and built-in slideshow functionality.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Figma's UI Redesign

1. What are the key changes in Figma's UI redesign?

  • The redesign includes a new toolbar, rounded corners, and 200 new icons.
  • The goal is to "focus the canvas less on our UI and more on your work" and make Figma more approachable for new users while still being useful for experts.
  • This is Figma's third significant redesign since its closed beta launch.

2. How is the new UI design being rolled out?

  • The new look is rolling out as part of a limited beta, and users can join a waitlist if they want to try it out.

[02] Figma's New Generative AI Tools

1. What are the key capabilities of Figma's new generative AI tools?

  • The tools can quickly generate design mockups based on text prompts, such as an app design for a new restaurant or a recipe page for chocolate chip cookies.
  • The tools can also enhance asset search and generate text for designs instead of using generic Lorem ipsum placeholder text.

2. How are Figma's AI models trained?

  • Figma is using third-party, out-of-the-box AI models and fine-tuning them with images of user interfaces from public, free Community files.
  • Figma will not train its models on private user content until August 15th, and Starter/Professional plans are opted in by default while Organization/Enterprise plans are opted out.

3. What are the goals of Figma's new AI tools?

  • To allow newer users to more easily test ideas, while enabling more experienced users to iterate more quickly.
  • Figma aims to "lower the floor and raise the ceiling" with these AI-powered features.

[03] Figma Slides

1. What is Figma Slides?

  • Figma Slides is a new Google Slides-like feature built directly into the Figma app, allowing users to create and share presentations.

2. What Figma-specific features are available in Slides?

  • Users can tweak designs included in the deck in real-time using Figma's tools (though changes don't sync back to the original files).
  • Users can present app prototypes directly from the deck.
  • Users can add interactive features like polls and alignment scales for audience engagement.

3. What is the pricing and availability of Figma Slides?

  • Figma Slides will be available in open beta starting on Wednesday.
  • It will be free during the beta period, but will become a paid feature when it officially launches.
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