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Speak, Record, Organize: Why I Paid $50 for This AI Notetaking App After Just 10 Minutes

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the author's experience using the AI note-taking app Voicenotes, including why they decided to pay for the lifetime subscription after just 10 minutes of use. It covers the various scenarios where the author finds the app useful, such as for journaling, capturing fleeting thoughts, and blogging. The article also highlights some of the app's imperfections and feature requests, but concludes that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Scenarios Where the Author Uses Voicenotes

1. What are the key scenarios where the author uses the Voicenotes app?

  • The author used to dislike diarizing, but found Voicenotes made the process much easier by allowing them to simply speak and have the app transcribe their thoughts accurately.
  • The author used to reject fleeting thoughts, but with Voicenotes, they can now easily record these thoughts and discover related ideas.
  • The author used to procrastinate on blogging, but Voicenotes makes it easy to organize notes into blog posts.
  • The author used to not take notes while reading, but now uses Voicenotes to capture inspirations and share them with friends.

2. How does Voicenotes improve the author's note-taking experience compared to previous methods?

  • Voicenotes eliminates the need to manually transform memories into written sentences, making the journaling process much more convenient.
  • The app's accurate transcription, even in noisy environments or when whispering, makes it easy to capture fleeting thoughts.
  • Voicenotes can automatically generate blog posts, summaries, and other content formats from the user's notes, saving time.
  • The app allows the author to easily link inspirations from reading to their own notes.

[02] Imperfections and Feature Requests

1. What are some of the imperfections and bugs the author encountered with Voicenotes?

  • Mobile app bugs with tagging, where tags don't properly reflect in the specified tag group
  • Low playback volume for recorded audio on the phone
  • Issues with language settings, where the web app and mobile app generate content in different Chinese character formats
  • Transcription delays if the user leaves the app immediately after recording
  • Inability to filter notes without tags

2. What additional features does the author request for Voicenotes?

  • Batch tagging and tag management capabilities
  • Automatic tagging based on specific phrases
  • The ability to link notes to external sources of inspiration
  • Support for manual text input, not just voice recordings
  • Speaker differentiation during transcription
  • Import functionality for existing audio recordings
  • Real-time cloud synchronization to prevent data loss
  • Improved Chinese language support for the "AskMyAI" feature
  • An Apple Watch app
  • Notes export functionality
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