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Article Summary

The react-markdown package is a React component that safely renders markdown to React elements. It allows for the customization of markdown transformation using plugins and the substitution of HTML elements with custom components. The package is easy to use for beginners and ensures safe rendering of markdown in React.

Feature Highlights

  • Safe rendering of markdown without the risk of XSS attacks
  • Customization options for components and plugins
  • Full compliance with CommonMark and GFM standards


  • What is this?
  • When should I use this?
  • Install
  • Use
  • API
  • Examples
  • Plugins
  • Syntax
  • Types
  • Compatibility
  • Architecture
  • Appendix A: HTML in markdown
  • Appendix B: Components
  • Appendix C: line endings in markdown (and JSX)
  • Security
  • Related
  • Contribute
  • License

Article Perspectives

  • The react-markdown package provides a safe and easy way to render markdown in React applications.
  • The package offers customization options for components and plugins, allowing for a tailored markdown rendering experience.
  • Developers should consider using react-markdown when they need a reliable and secure solution for rendering markdown in their React projects.
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